Division Office Services

Behavior Intervention

WCPS offers Behavior Intervention support services to schools, and provides resources to teachers, students, families and other school staff who may be experiencing social, emotional or behavioral difficulties at home or at school.

What is the Behavior Intervention?

Behavior Intervention support is available to enhance the development of a student's educational, social and emotional experiences.  Support can be accessed to provide consultation, resources and modelling to school staff on an individual basis and may also facilitate group sessions dependent on the needs in the individual schools. 

The goal of Behavior Intervention is to ensure that:

  • All students achieve to their greatest potential in a safe environment

Some of the concerns WCPS Behavior Intervention can help with are:

  • Setting up a school based behavior intervention team
  • Providing support for the creation of a school or classroom behavior matrix
  • Classroom consults for behavior interventions
  • Individual student consults for behavior concerns

Referrals can be made by:

  • Inclusion Coaches (in consultation with school staff)





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