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Iron Ridge Intermediate Campus

Wolf Creek Public Schools invites all interested stakeholders to explore the information on this webpage relative to our new school being constructed in the Town of Blackfalds. This is an extension of our desire to provide you with as much information around this project as we can and give you every opportunity to garner answers to questions that you may have around the educational possibilities inherent in this new facility.

The new website for Iron Ridge Intermediate Campus is:  www.iric.wolfcreek.ab.ca

Visit the school website for updated information on school opening information!



Click Below to view photos of the new school.

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Construction Process

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For Further Information, please contact:

Jayson Lovell, Acting Superintendent of Schools
6000 Highway 2A
Ponoka, AB T4J 1P6
Phone: 403-783-3473
Email: jayson.lovell@wolfcreek.ab.ca