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Welcome to Wolf Creek Summer School Information

The deadline to register online for Summer School 2017 is June 23. Some programs may already be full.

Any registration inquiries after June 23 should be directed via email to: summerschool@wolfcreek.ab.ca or by phone to 403.782.8726 Extention 1350.

Wolf Creek Public Schools will be offering classrooom based and online instruction for Summer School sessions from July 4 to August 11, 2017.

An orientation day for all students is set for Monday, July 3. Parents/Guardians are welcome to attend along with the student.

This is a great oppportunity for students to continue their education by taking a High School credit course through the summer!

Sessions will be hosted at the Lacombe Outreach School 5346 - 50th Avenue, Lacombe, Alberta

Phone calls and inquiries on the program can be sent to: 
summerschool@wolfcreek.ab.ca or by phoning 403.782.8726 extension 1350.


Summer School Staff Contacts

Principal:  Korey VonKuster  email:  korey.vonkuster@wolfcreek.ab.ca

Administrative Assistant: Tracy Nikolai   email: summerschool@wolfcreek.ab.ca


Location, Dates and Hours of Summer School Program:

Wolf Creek Summer School will be held in Lacombe at Lacombe Outreach School. Students will be able to access teachers and course delivery instruction on Monday to Thursday each week from 9:00am to 3:00pm. The school will be available from 8:30am to 3:30pm each Monday to Thursday. Summer School will be held from July 4 to August 11.

The Summer School office will be open on Monday, July 3 for students to finalize registration and meet with course teachers individually before school starts.

Instruction and Course Delivery:

Students attending Summer School will develop an educational plan with a teacher advisor. This plan will include face-to-face instruction in small groups with a teacher as well as self-study completing some online instruction and assignments. Students should be prepared to spend several hours each day on homework outside of regular classes due to the compressed summer schedule.

Some courses may require several hours of extra reading and homework in addition to the time spent at the school. Some students may find that their educational plan allows them to work independently from home and check in with teachers by attending school on certain days while utilizing digital tools such as a Google Hangout.

Students should be prepared to access a digital tool of their own (ie. laptop, tablet, Chromebook) to access course content and complete assignments. Students will be expected to adhere to the attendance requirements listed within their educational plan.

Final Exams:

Students will be able to write final exams at the Wolf Creek Summer School in Lacombe for all subjects, including diploma exams. The exam schedule is posted on this website and begins in August. Classes and access to teachers will be available up until each exam is written this summer.

Registration and Fees:

Registration is completed online and fees are paid online.

Before you begin registration, please review the following and be prepared to have this information ready before you begin your online application:

Prerequisite courses must be completed and passed prior to Summer School. Students who register and do not complete prerequisites will be withdrawn from the course.

Registrations will be taken until June 23, 2017.  You will be contacted prior to the start of summer school at the email address you provide during the online registration. 


Follow these steps below to begin and confirm registration for Summer School:


Step One:  Register online using this link. Be sure your email address and Canada Post mail address are entered properly as further communications will be sent using both methods.

Step Two:  After registering online you will receive a confirmation to confirm we have received your online registration within 10 business days of your online submission.

Step Three:  Your application will be reviewed and processed. After this has taken place, we will then send you a printed copy of the registration form via Canada Post mail to your mailing address. Please review this registration form and fill out any missing information and have a parent/guardian sign the form if you are under 18. Instructions on how to pay the online registration fee will be included and you will be required to pay this fee within 5 business days of receiving this mailing to confirm your spot.

Step Four:  Bring your completed registration form that you received in the mail to Summer School on July 3 (drop-off date). Students from outside of Wolf Creek will also need a birth certificate and transcript of marks for previous prerequisite course. 


Fees must be paid online after you receive a mailing with your registration information. 

Courses Offered:

The following courses are planned to be offered. Pending enrollment interest, some courses may not be offered.

Diploma Rewriters:

Diploma Rewrite Fees are not included in the Summer School Course Fee. All students rewriting a Diploma Exam, must register online for each exam. Students who do not register and pay the Diploma ReWrite Fee will not have a seat assigned and will not have an exam available to write. More information on Diploma Rewrite is available here: https://education.alberta.ca/writing-diploma-exams/registration-and-fees/everyone/register-online/

Final Course and Diploma Exam Dates:

Teachers of Grade 10 and Grade 11 courses will communicate the final exam dates for students. Students enrolled in Diploma Courses will need to note the schedule as per Alberta Education requirements:


Phone calls and inquiries on the program can be sent to:  
summerschool@wolfcreek.ab.ca or by phoning 403.782.8726 extension 1350.


Summer School Staff Contacts

Principal:  Korey VonKuster  email:  korey.vonkuster@wolfcreek.ab.ca

Administrative Assistant: Tracy Nikolai   email: summerschool@wolfcreek.ab.ca