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Wisdom and Guidance Overview

Wolf Creek Public Schools formed its Wisdom and Guidance Committee in September 2014. The Wisdom and Guidance Committee provides an opportunity for First Nations, Métis Elders, parents, and students, to meet with Wolf Creek School personnel to discuss issues related to student success.

Goals and objectives

The goal of the Wisdom and Guidance Committee is to provide an opportunity for Elders, parents, students and community members, alongside Wolf Creek School Division personnel, to meet to share ideas on how to best support students in programming that produce improved results for First Nations, Métis, and Inuit students. The committee will meet once per month and the format of the meetings will be that of a Sharing/Talking circle. “Talking circles are based on the sacred traditions of the sharing circles. Talking circles create a safe environment for participants to share their point of view with others. In a talking circle everyone belongs. Participants in a talking circle learn to listen to and respect the views of others. The intention is to open people’s hearts so that they can understand and connect with one another.“ (Education is Our Buffalo ATA 2008)

Meeting Structure

The sharing/talking circle will typically have four rounds and the talking stick will be passed to each person. A question will be posed to the committee and the committee will respond and provide feedback. Protocols will be discussed before the session begins. The last round of the circle will be the action plan in which the committee members will identify their role and the action, if necessary, that must be taken. At this time minutes will be kept by the FNMI Student Success Coordinator to record the direction and the action that will be taken. Members of the Maskwacis community and Wolf Creek Public School personnel will be invited based on the needs of the committee.

Wisdom and Guidance Committee Protocols

(Note: chair is expected to review these at the start of every meeting as a reminder)

Working Together

Talking Circle Protocols (taken from Our Words, Our Ways- Alberta Education 2005)

The committees roles include: