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Bright Futures Play Academy


Wolf Creek Public Schools offers early learning programming for children ages 3 and 4 years.

This pre-kindergarten program focused on purposeful play is designed to increase communication, socialization and learning readiness for successful entry into Kindergarten. Although this program accepts registrations from all interested families with three and four year old children, limited spaces are available for community children who are typically developing with no identified learning needs. Each spring we hold community information meetings in your local community. 

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Programs Are Available at the following schools


Two Day and Four Day Programs are available in most communities. As the school year has started, some communities have limited spots remaining. See details below.

BRIGHT FUTURES PLAY ACADEMY - A great start for children!

Our program accepts registrations from all children. The program has children with and without developmental delays in an inclusive setting.

We want your children to have strong foundations for success as they plan to be ready for kindergarten. We know that children’s development during the early years profoundly affects their learning behaviour as well as the physical and emotional health in school.

Our programs are delivered in a classroom setting with small, manageable class sizes allowing the learning team to address the unique needs of a child. Our programs focus on learning through play where children interact, explore and develop literacy through purposeful exposure to the world around them.



We accept online registrations all year long!  However, available room may vary from program to program.

To apply online and find out more about Bright Futures Play Academy program and applications, please click on this link.

Contact Information:

Kacey Oehlerking
Early Years Programs
Learning Services Coordinator
Ph: 403.783.3473
Email: brightfutures@wolfcreek.ab.ca