Division Office Services


Wolf Creek Public Schools will be offering  MANDATORY half-day orientation sessions for substitute teachers in our division. 

Session Overview

New Subs-“New subs” are defined as teachers who have never been employed in any capacity (including as an EA) by WCPS.  All “New Subs” are required to attend an orientation session.

Returning Substitute Teachers and Employees (**INCLUDING RETIRED TEACHERS)-“Returning Substitute Teachers and Employees” includes anyone who has worked for WCPS in any capacity (including retired teachers, former contract teachers,substitute teachers).  “Returning Substitute Teachers and Employees” are required to attend an orientation session.

New or Existing Contract Teachers-“New or existing  part time contract teachers who wish to be eligible for the  1718 WCPS substitute list may submit their names at the google form link. New or existing contract teachers are NOT required to attend an orientation session as the online substitute absence management system and Occupational, Health and Safety Training (OH&S) topics will be covered at your school sites.

It is important to note that attendance (except for WCPS contracted part-time teachers) is required in order to be placed on the sub roster for the 2017/2018 school year.  Catch-up sessions will be offered at a later date for anyone who is unable to attend one of the four initial sessions offered.

Thank you, we appreciate your commitment and support for our students and teachers. If you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact WCPS People Services.