FreshGrade Gradebook

FreshGrade Gradebook

Freshgrade is so much more than a digital portfolio. The Gradebook allows you to create activites to lend to the organization of the portfolio. Additionally, you are able to tie these activities directly to objectives and add assessment if you wish. Parents and students are able to see assessments as soon as they are added. In this way, communication between home, student and school is greatly increased.

Step 1: Set up your Gradebook

To have a functional, organized Gradebook and Portfolio, you'll need to set up a few key features right away.​ Consider these points...​

  1. Would you like access to the Canadian Standards Objectives (Alberta Curriculum) or will you create all of your own objectives?
  2. Do you have all of the subjects you need in your class? Select Subjects in your Class Settings (if you are using more than one Class, you’ll need to do this in every class)
  3. What Assessment tool(s) will you use? If you’re creating a custom tool it’s important to get that set up, and be happy with it, before you start adding marks. Again, if you are working in more than one class, you’ll need to create your custom assessment tool in each one.
  4. How will you organize your Gradebook to allow for filtering and/or weighting? Will you create Categories and/or Labels?

Step 2: Create Activities 

You'll need Activities to be able to award assessments to student evidence. Even if you're not adding marks, Activities help organize the Portfolio. 

  • Activities allow you to create a title for evidence and to use categories or labels for filtering. You can see at a glance if you've add specific evidence for each student from your Gradebook rather than clicking through each portfolio.
  • To filter your Gradebook by Subject you must add an Objective. 
  • Create Categories to utilize weighting or for organization and filtering. You may choose one Category in each activity.
  • Use Labels for filtering - some ideas include a label for each strand or unit and special events.  You may choose multiple labels in each activity.

Step 3: Award Marks and Attach

Evidence in the Gradebook

Once you have created an Activity, and assigned it to students, you can award marks. Marks are seen immediately in all views. 

  • There are multiple ways to award marks through the Gradebook. Marks may also be awarded and changed from the Portfolio.
  • Along with awarding marks, learn how to add Notes and attach evidence from the Gradebook.
  • Labels can be added to individual student's activities if desired.

Step 4: View and Filter Gradebook

The Gradebook can be extensive and overwhelming. There are easy ways to filter your information to see only what you want to see.

  • Labels and Categories can be added to Activities.
  • Filter by Grade, or by Subject based on Objectives in Activities.
  • Student average adjusts to include only those Activities that fit within the filter criteria.

iPad App

The iPad app is the most versatile of the mobile apps. Through this app you are able to do almost anything you can do on the webapp, with very few exceptions.