FreshGrade Portfolios

Overview of Portfolios

Freshgrade Digital Portfolios offer parents a window into the classroom. You have many different options when using Portfolios.

  • Use them the same way you would use a traditional paper portfolio to highlight specific learning outcomes and showcase student work.
  • Use both the Portfolio and Gradebook to allow parents and students to see marks attached to learning evidence in the form of photos, videos, digital documents, or audio recordings.
  • Encourage communication with parents by inviting them to view and comment on their student's portfolio.
  • Encourage student reflection and goal setting through the use of comments on the portfolio.

Interacting with Portfolios is different depending on the platform you choose. See below for specific details for each the Webapp, iPad app, and Mobile or Smart Phone app (iOS or Android).

Portfolios on the Webapp

  • This is the most robust platform for working in Freshgrade and is accessible from any device that has internet access.
  • Teachers, students, and parents each have Webapp access for their specific tool. (see below for Parent and Student account info)
  • Upload photos, videos, pdfs, and attach digital document links.
  • Combine evidence cards.

Portfolios on the iPad app

Using the iPad app to access student portfolios is very similar to using the webapp, however, there are some key differences. There are a few things that can only be done on the iPad app and others cannot be done on the iPad at all (see the venn diagram below).


Using a Mobile App (iPhone or Android)


The Teacher App varies depending on the platform you are using. Both are extremely handy for adding and commenting on evidence as well as reading and responding to comments from students and parents. At this point in time Gradebook features (including viewing the gradebook and creating activities) cannot be accessed on the mobile apps. 



The iPhone app is slightly more powerful than the Android app at this time. The biggest difference is the ability to access activities. You're now able to add or change a mark, as well as post evidence and notes to specific activities for each student individually or as a whole class.


Currently the simplest and least versatile of the mobile Teacher apps. From an Android device you are able to add evidence to portfolios of the whole class, or an individual student, but not directly into an activity. One great feature of the Android app is the ability to rotate photos prior to posting.

Student and Parent Accounts

Freshgrade is designed to be a communication tool. Inviting students, and their parents, to view and interact with the digital portfolios broadens communication between everyone involved. If you are using the Gradebook as well, parents are able to see student achievement immediately and there are no surprises when report cards are sent home. Parent Teacher Interviews are easier because parents are already aware of how their child is doing at school.

Additionally, when students are able to access their own portfolios, they can learn to upload their own evidence of learning, saving you a lot of time. We have successfully taught all age levels to do this using chromebooks - even grade 1! The iPad app makes uploading photos and videos so simple even kindergarten students can learn how. 

Student Tech  or Mentor Teams are being utilized in some of our schools as leaders for Freshgrade. These students are trained to teach others how to access their Freshgrade accounts and upload evidence. Buddy classes are also very helpful in assisting younger students with the process of recording reading or uploading photos.


Student Accounts:

When students are able to access their portfolios at school and at home they take greater pride and ownership over the items within it. They are able to read comments made by their parents and teachers as well as make their own comments. Students are also able to upload their own evidence of learning so it's important that they understand the purpose of the portfolio. Do you want to give them the freedom to add anything they choose (remember you alone have the ability to remove evidence), or do you want to ask them to only upload specific items?


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Parent Accounts:

Parents only need one account to view all of their children's past and present portfolios, even if their children are at different schools. They are able to access their accounts using a computer or mobile device and can easily navigate between portfolios to view and comment on items.

When using a mobile app, they will receive a notification every time an item (photo, video, audio recording) is uploaded to a portfolio, and when a comment is posted. They also receive notifications when Announcements are used.

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To accept invitations to more than one portfolio: