FreshGrade Reports

Reports in Freshgrade

Learning Slideshow or Video Yearbook

Learning Slideshows are a great way to share visual learning evidence with parents. This option allows you to put up to 10 photos into a short slideshow that will appear on the student's portfolio. Additionally, the link to this slideshow can be shared with parents through email.

Some ideas for using these slideshows include highlighting:

  • progress toward a specific goal
  • steps of a large project
  • favorite parts of a field trip

Summary Report

Summary reports allow you to create a comment based report. This format allows you to build a template with comments for growth areas that would be included on all students reports. To customize for every student you are able to adjust the template comments as well as include up to 6 photos and an anecdotal or numeric assessment in each area. The assessment information is not pulled from the gradebook but must be entered manually for each student.

Reports (teacher only)

These reports allow you to see a student's average for each objective within a subject, as well as the mark they've received for each activity that was used to assess that objective. Weightings you've created will be applied to the grades when using this type of report. The reports generated in this way are not posted to the student's portfolio nor are you able to save them as a pdf, however, you can export them to Excel (or convert to Google Sheets). This style of report needs to be created individually for each student.



Report Cards

The report card tool pulls information from your gradebook to assign a subject average and mark per objective to each student. Currently, the report card tool only works effectively if you have assessed each objective just once, it also doesn't take into account any weighting you have set. Report cards must be created individually for each student, including setting the date range and subjects to be reported on, as well as comments for each subject area and a final, overall comment. Report cards are posted in the Report Card section of both student and parent views and in the Reports tab in the teacher view.