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Your Chrome Browser

The Chrome browser is a powerful and intuitive window to the internet, most of the power of this tool though is when you access it logged in using your Wolf Creek credentials. When logged in your Chrome browser will:

  • Remember your Wolf Creek Google credentials no matter where you log in, allowing you easy access to tools that sync with your Google account.
  • Allow you access to extensions that you can add to your account. Extensions are small programs added to your browser that add specific functionality to your browser experience (e.g. Read Write for Google)
  • Allow you access to apps that you can add to your account. Apps are essentially links to site and services that serve a specific purpose. (e.g. PicMonkey for photo editing)

Chrome Browser Tips and Tricks!


Changing Chrome's Download Location


Chrome Browser Apps

Google Apps - Google Apps are links to specific sites and resources that perform specific functions appearing as cloud based programs. Once you add an app to your Chrome account you will find it in your apps page. You will find this page in the top left hand corner of your Chrome window, it will appear as a multi-color grid.

Google Extensions - Google Extensions are small pieces of programming that when added to your Chrome browser add specific functionality to your browser experience. You will find your extensions in the the top right hand corner of your Chrome window at the end of your address bar(omnibox). 

*NOTE - You must be signed into your Chrome Browser to use all of these tools, scroll to the top of this page to access support on how you log into your Chrome browser. 

To find/add apps & extensions to your Google Chrome account head to the Google Chrome Webstore,  Thre you will be and to search and find all apps and extensions. Almost all apps and extensions are free and can be easily added by clicking on  the 'Add to Chrome ' button.   



Changing Chrome's Download Location​

Problem: Files downloaded from Chrome may not be in a secure location.

Solution: Change the default Download folder.

G-suite Printing and the Hidden Layer of PDF

Removing Popups From Google Chrome

Using Flash in Chrome

Removing Notifications in Google Chrome

Connecting to WiFi and Logging In to your Chromebook