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Your Chrome Browser

The Chrome browser is a powerful and intuitive window to the internet, most of the power of this tool though is when you access it logged in using your Wolf Creek credentials. When logged in your Chrome browser will:

  • Remember your Wolf Creek Google credentials no matter where you log in, allowing you easy access to tools that sync with your Google account.
  • Allow you access to extensions that you can add to your account. Extensions are small programs added to your browser that add specific functionality to your browser experience (e.g. Read Write for Google)
  • Allow you access to apps that you can add to your account. Apps are essentially links to site and services that serve a specific purpose. (e.g. PicMonkey for photo editing)

Chrome Browser Tips and Tricks!


Changing Chrome's Download Location


Chrome Browser Apps

Google apps and extensions are two types of tools within the Chrome Browser that can aid educators as they support learners. On this page you will find brief overviews of what apps and extensions are along with a evolving recommended list of each for educators in Wolf Creek Public Schools. 

Google Apps - Google Apps are links to specific sites and resources that perform specific functions appearing as cloud based programs. Once you add an app to your Chrome account you will find it in your apps page. You will find this page in the top left hand corner of your Chrome window, it will appear as a multi-color grid.

Google Extensions - Google Extensions are small pieces of programming that when added to your Chrome browser add specific functionality to your browser experience. You will find your extensions in the the top right hand corner of your Chrome window at the end of your address bar(omnibox). 

*NOTE - You must be signed into your Chrome Browser to use all of these tools, scroll to the top of this page to access support on how you log into your Chrome browser. 

To find/add apps & extensions to your Google Chrome account head to the Google Chrome Webstore,  Thre you will be and to search and find all apps and extensions. Almost all apps and extensions are free and can be easily added by clicking on  the 'Add to Chrome ' button.   



Click on any of the links below to access these apps & extensions in the Chrome Webstore!

Picture Read Write for Google offers a range of powerful support tools to help students gain confidence with reading, writing, studying and research.
Picture G Suite Training is a Chrome extension that offers simple and interactive training lessons to get you up and running fast with G Suite (formerly Google Apps).
Picture Google URL Shortener is an extension which allows you to shorten the current website URL
Picture Screencastify  is the easiest way to Record, Edit, Annotate, Store, and Share video screen recordings. Record a specific tab, or your whole desktop at the click of a button.  
Picture Grammarly is a free writing app makes sure everything you type is easy to read, effective, and mistake-free. With Grammarly your spelling and grammar will be vetted nearly everywhere you write on the web.
Picture Extensity is the ultimate tool for lightning fast enabling and disabling all your extensions for Google Chrome. Just enable the extension when you want to use it, and disable when you want to get rid of it for a little while. You can also launch Chrome Apps right from the list.
Picture AdBlock Blocks YouTube, Facebook and ads everywhere else on the web.
Picture Boomerang for Gmail  allows you to schedule messages to be sent or returned at a later date. Write a message now, send it whenever, even if you're not online. Track messages to make sure you hear back, and schedule reminders right inside Gmail
Picture Mailtrack is an email tracking app for Gmail that lets you know if the emails you’ve sent have been read or not. Mailtrack extension adds the double check marks to your Gmail.
Picture Draftback lets you play back the revision history of any Google Doc you can edit. It's like going back in time to look over your own shoulder as you write.
Picture OpenDyslexic is an open sourced font created to increase readability for readers with dyslexia. This extension overrides all fonts on webpages with the OpenDyslexic font, and formats pages to be more easily readable.
Picture Save to Google Drive helps you save web content or browser screenshots to your Google Drive. * Adds a browser action to save the current page. * Adds a right-click context menu to save hyperlinks and media.
Picture Save to Pocket When you find something in Chrome that you want to view later, put it in Pocket. It automatically syncs to your phone, tablet or computer so you can view it at any time, even without an internet connection.
Picture Highly Highlighter Highlight the web to share the important parts. Highly is the Highlighter Button that your browser, iPhone and iPad apps have been missing.
Picture Note Anywhere with this extension, you can make notes on any web page, any position. when you open that page again, the notes get loaded automatically.
Picture Twinword Finder Twinword Finder replaces your browser's Ctrl+F with a more powerful search tool. Type in multiple words and Twinword Finder will highlight each word on a web page with different colors. Even more, you can also highlight synonyms and words related to your keywords.
Picture Scrible Toolbar The scrible Toolbar Extension offers the best way to annotate, tag and share online articles and webpages and save them to your scrible Account. The Extension places a scrible Button to the right of your Address Bar. While browsing the Web, click the Button to load the scrible Toolbar on webpages and use it to: * richly annotate articles with multiple styles (highlight, bold, underline, etc.) and colors to flag critical passages. * capture your insights by adding sticky notes that anchor to particular parts of articles. * categorize your annotations by type and color with dynamic legends that give meaning to your markups.
Picture Google Dictionary With this extension, you can: 1) Double-click any word to view its definition in a small pop-up bubble. 2) View the complete definition of any word or phrase using the toolbar dictionary. 3) Store a history of words you've looked up, so you can practice them later.


Picture Lucidchart for Education  is a web-based diagramming tool that makes drawing diagrams fast and easy. Students can work individually on assignments or with an unlimited number of other classmates to create and edit diagrams in real time -- great for group projects.
Picture GeoGebra is a free dynamic mathematics software for all levels of education that brings together geometry, algebra, spreadsheets, graphing, statistics and calculus in one easy-to-use package.
Picture WeVideo makes video editing easy for everyone and accessible from anywhere. It is a cloud based video editing tool that allows users to upload, collaborate on, share and publish online. Wolf Creek users have access to upgraded accounts where applied. 
Picture Remind offers teachers a free, safe and simple way to instantly text students and parents. Teachers can send or schedule reminders, assignments, homework, assessments, or motivational messages directly to students' and parents' phones.
Picture PearDeck lets students interact with your presentation from any device. Transform existing Google Slides, PPTs or PDFs into interactive presentations, or choose to build your presentation from scratch. Add in temperature checks, formative assessments, discussion prompts, diagnostics, or exit tickets.
Picture Nearpod enables teachers, schools and districts, to use their tablets/Google Chromebooks to manage content on students' mobile devices. It seamlessly combines interactive presentation, collaboration, and real-time assessment tools into one integrated solution.
Picture PowToon  lets you create awesome presentations and animated videos. PowToon features an easy “Drag and Drop” user interface, pre-designed templates, and a variety of style libraries. Each “slide” is treated as a scene in the storyline of your presentation or video. Drag and drop characters and props onto your slide then assign it an animation.
Picture Mic Note is an audio recorder + notepad, 2 in 1 tool. ☛ If you are looking for a voice recorder and still want to take notes in the same time, you are right here.
Picture NoRedInk is an adaptive learning tool that helps students improve their grammar and writing skills.
Picture Newsela  publishes daily news articles from leading publications like The Washington Post, Scientific American, and The Guardian at 5 reading levels from grades 2 – 12 to drive gains in literacy.
Picture Dynamic Periodic Table provides dynamic layouts showing names, electrons, oxidation states, trend visualization, orbitals, isotopes, and instant search.
Picture Daum Equation Editor allows you to edit mathematicalformulas quickly and easily expressed in your Chrome browser
Picture MyON With access to thousands of award-winning digital books, the myON app lets readers download titles for offline, anywhere reading. Use the myON app to complete your personalized reading experience! The app can be used to complement the myON website. Use the app when you want to read books online through myON, but don't have reliable Internet access. Simply connect your myON account to the app when you are online, and select the books you'll want to read later.
Picture Pickatale Education doesn’t have to be boring. It should be fun! Pickatale was made to improve children’s reading skills, to help them learn about animals, cultures, historical figures and more, and to have fun learning through reading storybooks. We currently have 160+ interactive stories in English!
Picture ScootPad ScootPad is a leading adaptive learning platform for grades K-8. ScootPad uses adaptive algorithms, predictive analytics, data visualization and gamification to deliver personalized learning for each student.
Picture Fluency Tutor for Google  helps busy teachers bring struggling readers up to speed.
Great for time-stretched teachers, Fluency Tutor for Google makes reading aloud more fun and satisfying for students who need extra support. It’s a big help for struggling and reluctant readers, as well as students learning English as a second language.
- Friendly dashboard interface for teachers and students 
- Teachers can choose from hundreds of existing reading passages based on content, lexile level or reading age 
- Teachers can also create their own passages from web pages, docs or other content
- Students can create reading passages from almost any web page
- Share passages with individual students, or with the entire class using the Google Classroom 'share' button 
- Passages appear in student's Google Drive 
- Students can read and record assigned reading passages whenever and wherever it suits them 
​- Extra help is provided including text-to-speech, dictionary, picture dictionary and translate tools - Quick Score gives immediate feedback to students without the need for full assessment 
Picture Scrible Student Edition scrible Edu is a free upgrade for students and educators using scrible. scrible Edu builds on and extends scrible’s powerful free research features by adding these sweet free writing features: * 1-Click Citations * 1-Click Bibliographies * Google Drive integration * scrible Writer Google Docs Add-on
Picture Lumin Highlight, edit and sign PDF files from your browser! Lumin PDF allows you to share and edit PDF files in real-time. With Lumin PDF you can: - Highlight and underline text - Erase blocks of text - Add digital signatures - Rotate and remove individual pages - Draw lines and shapes and much more!


Changing Chrome's Download Location​

Problem: Files downloaded from Chrome may not be in a secure location.

Solution: Change the default Download folder.