Google Sheets Ideas for the Classroom

Google Sheets are a spreadsheet tool, similar to Microsoft Excel. This tool can be used with students to track data over time or can be used by a teacher to track and analyze student data along with other data. This tool is heavily connected to Google Forms as Forms can act as a data or information collection tool, sending that data or information to a Google Sheet where we can track and analyze it. Sheets can be protected, shared, graphed, summarized and embedded in order to be meaningfully and purposefully empowered within a teachers pedagogical toolbox!  

Here are a few ways to take advantage of Google Sheets! 

Tracking Student Data

Google sheets can be a powerful and collaborative tool to track student data. Two things should be noted for Wolf Creek users when considering tracking student data within Google:

  1.  Considering FOIP legislation the amount of student data embedded into a Google document should be limited (e.g. Do not use full student names, instead consider initials or first names only)
  2. There are more robust gradebook and reporting tools that we have access to in Wolf Creek such as Freshgrade and Powerschool. One of these tools is a better option for a full course gradebook. 

Considering these two points there are still valuable ways you can use Google Sheets to track and analyze student data! Here are a couple suggestions:

Recording real time feedback, observations and performance results through Google Forms and Google Sheets

Google Forms act as powerful data collection tool for Google Sheets. by using Google Forms you can create a easy to access collection tool that will allow you to assess formatively and summatively while collecting that data in a single sheet to be analyzed at at later time.

Allowing students opportunities to record, graph and analyze data

Google Sheets also allows your students opportunities to record, analyze, graph and interpret data. Here is one example where students can do this: