Leaving Wolf Creek

Leaving Wolf Creek?

Want to take your Google content with you?

Warning: Google Transfer and Google Take are only available for  21 days after you get your first departure email. Beware It could take up to a week or more to get  your data out so you want to ensure you have full access during that time

If you happen to be leaving Wolf Creek (leave of absence, retirement, etc) and you want to keep/save all of your Google content you've created/saved over the years, it is very important that you follow these steps for saving your content. You can transfer everything to a different Google account if you already have a personal Gmail or Google account, or you can download and save it.

How to Use Google's Takeout Transfer Tool

You can take a copy of data from your WCPS Google Apps for Education account by using Google's Transfer Tool. 

Check out this video, which explains how to use the Transfer tool to take your data with you.


How to Use Google Takeout

Using Multiple GMail Signatures