Microsoft Windows

The Windows 10 Upgrade

Technology Services has recently upgraded your managed WCPS desktops to Windows 10 from our current operating system of Windows 7. Here is some information and documentation that will assist you with some of the differences you may see when logging in to Windows 10.

Though you will notice many similarities in the usability and function of Windows 10, there will be some new installed software, updated versions of previous software, as well as some slight navigation differences to be aware of. These have been outlined in detail in a series of instructional videos and documents to make these changes easier to understand for our users.

How to Change Windows 10 Default Apps

Signing Into Google Chrome

Windows 10: Navigating the Start Menu

Windows 10: Navigating the Desktop

Windows 10: Logging Off

Windows 10: Accessing DocuShare Drive After Initial Setup

Windows 10: Using the Search Feature in DocuShare Drive

Windows 10: Browsing, Checking-Out and Updating in DocuShare Drive

Windows 10: Google Drive Initial Setup

Drive File Stream is now called Google Drive for Desktop. Despite this name change the processes outlined in these videos remain basically the same. When searching for the application in the Start Menu look for "Google Drive" instead of "Drive File Stream".

Windows 10: Opening Google Drive After Initial Setup

Windows 10: Opening & Saving in Google Drive

Windows 10: Moving Files to Google Drive from a Computer

Extending & Duplicating Your Windows Desktops