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What is MyBlueprint?

MyBlueprint is an online Education and Career Planner that is available and accessible by all Wolf Creek students. Students can take learning style, personality and interest assessments to learn more about themselves as well as to guide them to different career and education opportunities. Students can plan their high school courses, and investigate post secondary, career, job and volunteer opportunities. They can also create/plan budgets, build career portfolios and resumes. The purpose of myBluePrint is to support students in thinking about and planning for their futures to help drive them to increased success school. 

Getting Started

Teacher Set Up

Teachers should set up their account in MyBlueprint before getting students to. You can then create a class and add your students so you can quickly see their progress. 


Student Set Up

Students need to create their account so they can access all the features of MyBluePrint. The student MUST have their Alberta School Number in order to sync their completed courses in the course planner. Once a student has created their account the teacher can add them to their class to easily see student progress. 



MyBlueprint has a wide variety of teacher support resources. CLICK HERE to access their webinars, online tutorials and teacher resources.