Welcome to WeVideo!

WeVideo Academy -

WeVideo has created a great set of tutorial videos to help and guide you. Click here to access the WeVideo Academy!

WeVideo for Educators 

WeVideo has recently released a page of resources and ideas to integrate the use of video creation in your classroom.Click here to check it out. 




WeVideo is a cloud based video editing tool that allows users to upload and share content as they collaborate together on amazing projects!
All users have a free account that:
       - Has a 5 minute time limit for video creation
       - 1GB of storage 
       - Allows you to make watermarked videos 
       - Publish in 720p resolution 
​Wolf Creek users(Students & teachers) can be upgraded to accounts where:
       - As a division we share the capacity to create 600 hours of video!
       - As a division we share a storage capacity of 6000GB
       - Users can publish videos in 720p and 1080p resolution
       - Users can work collaboratively on a single project 

How to access WeVideo

WeVideo can be accessed two different ways:
1) Through your Chrome browser as an App. (see the image to the right) To add this app your Chrome account make sure you are logged into your Chrome browser and go to the Chrome Web Store. Search for the App within the Web Store and click "add to Chrome". This icon will then appear within your Chrome Apps.                     

  • For more instructions on logging into your Chrome browser, what apps are and how to add them CLICK HERE to connect to that page within the Always Learning in Wolf Creek site. 

2)  Type the following address into your URL bar: www.wevideo.com. When you access the site click on Google button (see the image to the right). The first time you log in you will be asked a couple simple questions (see the images to the right) and from there you are ready to go!

PicturePicture    Picture    Picture


Picture        Picture

How to upgrade your WeVideo account!

Schools that express an interest in using WeVideo can ask to have an admin account assigned to a member of their staff. Admin users can upgrade accounts by providing users with a link that will upgrade user accounts and add them to a specific group for that class or school.