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New Blackfalds School Design and ThoughtExchange


On November 1, 2019, the Alberta Government announced plans for a new Wolf Creek Public Schools grades 9-12 school for the community of Blackfalds. 

The new school will be a new 850 student capacity school and will allow students in Blackfalds to continue with Wolf Creek Public Schools from Kindergarten to graduation. 

Wolf Creek Public Schools, Alberta Education and Alberta Infrastructure have been meeting regularly, and the design phase of the school will commence in April. This design phase is a short and ambitious timeline set out by the Government of Alberta to ensure the process actively moves forward with a construction completion date for June 2024, and first day of classes in September 2024. 

Wolf Creek wants to hear from you, our Blackfalds families, students, and community in regards to what electives and options for students should be offered. This is important feedback for the design process, as in any school there is finite space to maximize such options for students. 

Information on programs and options have been compiled and are available with appropriate links below. Please review this information and provide your feedback via our ThoughtExchange.

Please know, Alberta Education is advising school divisions not to duplicate existing options and elective programming available at neighbouring secondary schools in a school division. To that end we have included information on current options and electives offered at École Secondaire Lacombe Composite High School in Lacombe.   

Next Steps

The next steps in the process will be to gather input from community stakeholders as part of a Thoughtexchange.

Once we have stakeholder feedback around programming we will move to the design stage, leading to a tender process and then construction, with a goal of a September 2024 school opening.


We are developing both a facility and program plan for our new school in Blackfalds. Students require a diverse set of 21st century skills and ways of thinking, applying and solving the problems that we all face as global [citizens]. 

Anyone with an interest in the programs the school will offer is encouraged to participate. We invite your input on the kinds of programs/electives you would like to see offered that would help create the best possible future for our students. The input that you provide on course offerings will play a part in helping us to determine the design of our classrooms.

Blackfalds Grades 9-12 School Design ThoughtExchange

“As Wolf Creek Public Schools is thinking about the design of the new Grade 9-12 School in Blackfalds, which electives/options and programs should we consider offering?” 

To participate in the ThoughtExchange and share your thoughts CLICK HERE.


Electives and Options

Career & Technology Studies (CTS)

Career and Technology Studies (CTS) is designed for high school students so they can explore their interests and career options. CTS offers students opportunities to develop skills that can be applied in their daily lives and improve their employability following high school. See more information of CTS programming at:

Students will choose courses and create a pathway to their area of interest from any of the five CTS clusters, as well as additional programming options:

Business, Administration, Finance & Information Technology (BIT)
Health, Recreation & Human Services (HRH)
Media, Design & Communication Arts (MDC)
Natural Resources (NAT)
Trades, Manufacturing & Transportation (TMT)
Fine Arts
Registered Apprenticeship Program
Dual Credit Programs

Below you can follow the links for more information on specific courses offered in each cluster: 

  1. Business, Administration, Finance & Information Technology (BIT); 
    1. Computing Science (CSE)
    2. Enterprise & Innovation (ENT)
    3. Financial Management (FIN)
    4. Information Processing (INF)
    5. Management & Marketing (MAM)
    6. Networking (NET)

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  1. Health, Recreation & Human Services (HRH);
    1. Community Care Services (CCS) 
    2. Cosmetology (COS)
    3. Criminal Justice Studies (CJS)
    4. Esthetics (EST)
    5. Foods (FOD)
    6. Health Care Aide (HCA)
    7. Health Care Services (HCS)
    8. Legal Studies (LGS)
    9. Recreation Leadership (REC)
    10. Tourism (TOU)

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  1. Media, Design & Communication Arts (MDC); 
    1. Communication Technology (COM)
    2. Design Studies (DES)
    3. Fashion Studies (FAS)

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  1. Natural Resources (NAT); and 
    1. Agriculture (AGR)
    2. Environmental Stewardship (ENS)
    3. Forestry (FOR)
    4. Primary Resources (PRS)
    5. Wildlife (WLD)

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  1. Trades, Manufacturing & Transportation (TMT)
    1. Construction (CON)
    2. Electro-Technologies (ELT)
    3. Fabrication (FAB)
    4. Logistics (LOG)
    5. Mechanics (MEC)
    6. Power Engineering (PEN)

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Fine Arts

Throughout the grades, an articulated Fine Arts program involves students as creators, performers, historians, critics and consumers. The Fine Arts enable students to enhance the depth and breadth of their expression and intuitive response to fine art. See the full program of studies at:

Offered courses through Fine Arts include: 

  1. ART 10–20–30; ART 11–21–31
  2. Drama 10-20-30
  3. MUSIC 10–20–30

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Registered Apprenticeship Program

Traditionally, apprenticeships in Alberta began following high school graduation, however, some students identify their career interests at an earlier age and are ready to learn and practice their future trade while still in high school. RAP is an ideal program for these students. Explore more information regarding the following RAP courses at: Alberta Education Apprenticeship Information

Agricultural Equipment Technician Apprenticeship (AEA)

Auto Body Technician Apprenticeship (ABA)

Automotive Service Technician Apprenticeship (ASA)

Cabinetmaker Apprenticeship (CMA)

Baker Apprenticeship (BKA)

Carpenter Apprenticeship (CRA)

Communication Technician Apprenticeship (CTA)

Cook Apprenticeship (CKA)

Electrician Apprenticeship (ETA)

Hairstylist Apprenticeship (HSA)

Heavy Equipment Technician Apprenticeship (HEA) 

Industrial Mechanic (Millwright) Apprenticeship (MWA)

Instrumentation and Control Technician Apprenticeship (ISA)

Insulator Apprenticeship (INA) 

Landscape Horticulturist Apprenticeship (LGA)

Painter and Decorator Apprenticeship (PDA)

Parts Technician Apprenticeship (PTA)

Plumber Apprenticeship (PLA)

Welder Apprenticeship (WDA)   

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Dual Credit Programs

Students can find success through the Dual Credit, School Within a College (SWAC) program. The program partners Wolf Creek Public Schools with post secondary institutions and colleges to offer credit to students toward post secondary, while still in high school. 


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The following comprises the CTS program choices available for students at ÉSLCHS:

You can also read more regarding programs offered at ÉSLCHS in the ÉSLCHS Programs and Course Handbook, beginning on Page 29.

Agriculture Cosmetology Fibre Arts
Beekeeping Design Studies Foods
Business Studies Electro-Technologies Mechanics
Cake Decorating Media Studies Commercial Food Prep
Esthetics Sports Performance Construction Technologies
Fabrication Studies Vehicle Ownership Fashion Studies
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