iPad Resource Supports

“Applications for handheld devices are becoming more and more popular in education. Many teachers are starting to use these apps on handheld devices to promote reading fluency and comprehension, communication skills, and other core curriculum concepts. There are so many apps to choose from, it sometimes gets overwhelming when searching for one that best fits the lesson or the individual learner. I have a few recommendations for apps that can be used as AT within the classroom on all three devices.” (http://www.techlearning.com/news/0002/ipads-ipod-touches-and-iphones-as-assistive-technology-in-education/59212)

iPads in Wolf Creek Public Schools

  • More than 300 devices are being used from Kindergarten through to Grade 12 in WCPS
  • Staff and Students are learning along with each other how to best incorporate this and other emerging tools
  • The iPads have been deployed for Assistive Technology purposes as well as general classroom use for staff and students
  • Multiple staff members have had and will continue to have opportunities to experiment with the iPad in their classrooms throughout the division
  • Staff and students are learning how to apply sound pedagogy to the use of the iPads to actively engage learners in order to help meet learning goals
  • Professional Development and collaboration are key elements to making the devices a success and we have facilitated multiple ways in which teachers can achieve these goals
  • Wolf Creek Inclusive Learning Services and Technology Services are working together to provide the necessary supports to encourage effective use