Chromebook Parent Purchase Program

Chromebook Parent Purchase Program

Chromebook Parent Purchase Program Information


Click Here: Wolf Creek Chromebook Parent Purchase Portal

Wolf Creek Public Schools is proud of the many ways that our staff and students utilize technology in order to enhance teaching and learning in our schools. We have a long history and a proven track record of working with our school communities in order to positively leverage the potential of digital technology tools to support learning.  Everyday our schools utilize technology to:

  • allow students to show their learning in a wide variety of ways,
  • connect students with each other within their classroom, within the division, within the province and around the world.
  • connect students and teachers with experts in various fields such as authors, astronauts, scientists,
  • support students with a wide variety of learning styles and needs,
  • and more!     

Bring Your Own Device Program

Wolf Creek Public Schools believes that students should be able to bring their own device to school to support their learning. We are proud to have been promoting this kind of learning support for our students since 2009.  Students across our division benefit from ready access to school owned technology, but we have found over years of observation and working with our students that students feel most comfortable with and often are able to best support their learning with a device that they personally own.  

Our parents have been very supportive of this evolution of a bring your own device approach in Wolf Creek. In many, many schools parents seeking to provide supports for their children as they learn in today’s classrooms are often asking our teachers and administrators “what kind of a device should I purchase for my child”?

History and Background

Back in 2011, Wolf Creek School division piloted the first use of Chromebooks and Google Apps for Education in our schools.  This pilot quickly grew as we received feedback from students, teachers, administrators, and parents around the potential for this kind of robust and low cost device to purposefully support student learning.  In 2012, we introduced the Parent Purchase Program to our Wolf Creek Schools and this initiative has been taken advantage of by over 1500 Wolf Creek families since that time.

Through a partnership with a well known manufacturer of Chromebooks, Wolf Creek Public Schools in partnership with BCom Computers has been able to develop an online process whereby we can pass along special pricing to our families on Chromebooks. While it may be true that our families will be able to occasionally find lower pricing on similar devices at a sale at a nearby retailer, by purchasing through our online process parents can be assured that the devices they purchase will work within Wolf Creek’s learning environment.

Online Purchase Process Continues

Wolf Creek Public Schools is excited to continue working with BCom Computer, as the re-seller of Chromebooks,  to continue offering the Chromebook Parent Purchase Program for our Wolf Creek families through an online Parent Purchase Program website.

In partnership with Wolf Creek, BCom Computer has built a Wolf Creek Public Schools online store specifically for our families which provides the ability to purchase a selection of Chromebooks, accessories and warranty options which have been chosen because they fit in well with our Wolf Creek context.

Families wishing to purchase a Chromebook through this program will need to visit in order to create a parent shopping and payment profile.


Please click here to access a document with step by step instructions for how to use the Parent Purchase Program website.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Warranty and the options for Warranty Upgrades?

The Chromebooks purchased through the Parent Purchase Program come with a standard one year manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty covers manufacturer's defects in the device for a period of one year. This standard warranty does not include accidental or intentional damage to any component of the Chromebook such as the screen, keyboard, case, touchpad, etc.

Optional Upgrades

BCom offers the following warranty upgrades as a part of the Wolf Creek Public Schools Parent Purchase Program:

  1. An extension of the manufacturer's warranty from 1 year to 3 years. This extension does not cover accidental or intentional damage to the device,
  2. An extension of the manufacturer’s warranty to 3 years with accidental damage coverage. This coverage allows for the one time replacement of a device that has been accidentally damaged beyond repair.

These options are available through the Parent Purchase Program website at the time of purchase at various prices.

IMPORTANT: Once a device has been delivered to a student as a part of the Parent Purchase Program, it will be the responsibility of the student’s family to work with BCom Computer to resolve any warranty claims, disputes, or concerns around payments. If needed, you can find contact information for BCom Computer by visiting their website at:

After purchase, how is the device delivered?

Items will NO LONGER be shipped to the students' school or Wolf Creek Division Office.

Purchased items are typically sent to the buyers address unless other arrangements have been made with BCom.

Do I HAVE to Purchase a Chromebook through the Parent Purchase Website?

Absolutely not!  

Wolf Creek Public Schools is a bring your own device environment and  welcomes any device that a student may have that is able to support their learning appropriately by leveraging web based tools such as Google Apps for Education.  

Our students’ families have long asked us for our recommendations around devices that are relatively low cost but high impact in terms of supporting learning. This is how the Parent Purchase Program was born!

Our classroom teachers utilize Google Apps for Education in Wolf Creek and the Chromebook is a natural platform to be able to take advantage of the power of these collaborative tools. We have completed tests and research with various Chromebook devices over the years and have selected devices that have good battery life, are generally robust enough to stand up to day to day classroom use, and have proven themselves as reliable over our considerable time using them in Wolf Creek.

We certainly welcome and support our families’ choices to purchase a device to enhance their child’s learning through our Parent Purchase Program or through any retailer of their choice.  The Parent Purchase Program was designed as a service to our families so that there was one less decision for parents to make around “what device should we buy” and/or “where should we buy or device from”?

Additional Questions?

If you have any questions around how Chromebooks or other digital tools are being utilized in your child’s school to support and enhance learning, please do not hesitate to talk to your child’s teacher or the administrators at the school.