300 - Students

300 - Students

AP 300: Age of Admission

AP 301: Admission of Non-Resident Students

AP 302: Foreign Students

AP 303: Student Exchange

AP 305: School Attendance Areas

AP 306: Student Placement

AP 307: External Placements

AP 308: Student Information System (SIS)

Link - Student Registration Online Process

AP 310: Supervision of Students

AP 312: Student Safety Patrol

AP 315: Student Illness-Injury

AP 316: Administering Medication or Medial Treatment

Form 316-1 - Parent Consent - Administration of Medication to Student

Form 316-2 - Medication Record Log

Form 316-3 - Essential Routine Services and Emergency Plan

AP 317: Life Threatening Medical Conditions

Appendix 317A - Action Steps for Anaphylaxis Management

Appendix 317B - How to Use the Epi-Pen Auto Injector

Appendix 317C - The Basics of Asthma Allergies and Anaphylaxis

AP 318: Pediculosis (Lice)

Appendix 318A - FAQ About Pediculosis (Lice)

Appendix 318B - Steps to Effective Treatment (Lice)

AP 320: Student Records

AP 321: Young Offender Records

AP 322: Legal Custody of Children

AP 325: Reporting Child Abuse

AP 330: Student Attendance

AP 334: Student Retention and Promotion

Appendix 334A - Retention and Promotion Flowchart

Form 334-1 - Alternative Placement Form

AP 340: Specialized Services for Students and Children

AP 350: Student Rights and Responsibilities

Appendix 350A - Student Code of Conduct

AP 351: Student Conduct on a Bus

AP 352: Student Investigation and Searches by External Agencies

AP 353: Student Locker Searches

AP 355: Student Discipline and Suspension

AP 356: Alcohol Restricted and Illicit Drug Use by Students

AP 357: Vandalism

AP 360: Student Assessment Evaluation and Reporting

AP 361: Student Assessment Grading and Reporting Guidelines

Appendix 361A - Glossary of Definitions - Student Assessment, Grading and Reporting Guidelines

AP 362: Specialized Assessment

AP 365: Course Challenge

AP 370: Student Scholarships

Form 370-1 - WCPS Board High School Scholarship Application

Form 370-2 - WCPS Board CTS Scholarship Application

Form 370-3 - Sunny 94 Scholarship Application

AP 371: National/International Competitions

AP 380: Students' Council

AP 390: Appeals Concerning Student Matters