About Inclusive Learning Services

Inclusive Learning Services

Wolf Creek Public Schools (WCPS) provides ease of access to all their departments.  Inclusive Learning Services is only one of several departments supporting schools, students and families across the division.  WCPS is structured to support student achievement, and a dedicated team of professionals work collaboratively to provide the best in educational opportunities and operational services.

“Promoting a culture of inclusion requires schools to work collectively to examine their structures and processes and to address how they respond as an organization to the needs of students.” (Hewson,K., & Adrian, L., 2013, Establishing a Collaborative Response Model: Structures and Processes to Support InclusionThe Special Educator; pg. 20-22.)

Supports provided by WCPS Inclusive Learning Services are firmly founded on structures and processes necessary to respond to the needs of all students.  

The pyramid of interventions, collaborative team meeting processes, and assessments are integral elements of WCPS Inclusive Learning Services model at the school and district levels.