External Partners

Wolf Creek Public Schools, Inclusive Learning Services engages many external partners when students move into Tier 4.  A collaborative approach is essential to supporting the child, their family and the school in which they attend.  

When a school team accesses external supports they engage in a Coordinated Service Plan (CSP) supported by the Inclusive Learning Services team.  The CSP is a planning process that has multiple-agencies who come together to support the student, family, school and community. It is an “action-oriented” process to ensure that all stakeholders have an opportunity to offer expertise and services and are committed to working together to continue to meet and support very complex students. A CSP may result in sustained programming, multi-disciplinary supports and/or alternate placement.

These supports are engaged when Inclusive Learning Services and the Intervention Team have identified that the supports needed for a student go beyond the scope of Education alone.

The Director of Inclusive Learning Services or the Assistant Superintendent of Inclusive Learning Services, through consultation with the Intervention Team and Principal involvement, initiates the Coordinated Service Plan process.

Inclusive Learning Services engages many partners through this process, some of which are listed below with links to their websites to better understand their role.  All the following services are accessed by a referral process through the schools:

Inclusive Learning Services also engages private contractors when needed.  Program Unit Funding (for Pre-K and K children) supports speech language therapy as well as occupational therapy through contracts with some of the following agencies:

Additional partners engaged in supporting Wolf Creek Public Schools children: