Services & Resources

Technology Services helps create success for all learners by providing a complete range of technical services to all functions of Wolf Creek Public Schools. This includes design consultation, deployment, and on-going maintenance of instructional systems, administrative systems, and our comprehensive, safe, and secure high-speed network infrastructure. End-user support is provided for teachers, school support staff, and central office staff.

Our pervasive VoIP, videoconference, email, and knowledge management systems enable professional collaboration, knowledge capture, and knowledge sharing.

Our students experience learning environments that include reliable electronic tools that are considered core literacy tools for their future success. 

We continue to grow access to and purposeful use of 21st century tools. This includes services such as a district-wide Google Apps domain, full network access for staff and students to bring their own devices, and ongoing research projects on implementing new technologies such as tablets, iPads, Chromebooks, and various web-based applications. 

Driven by functionality rather than a "latest and greatest" approach, our standards-based infrastructure ensures that we can continually deploy appropriate and effective advanced technologies while keeping our support and deployment costs to a minimum