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As educators, part of our role is to assist students in becoming responsible and contributing citizens in society. With society using technology as a pervasive tool, in Wolf Creek we believe our role includes teaching students how to be responsible in handling their interaction with technological tools. Digital Citizenship is a process which helps our students learn how to use technology appropriately. Teaching students about Digital Citizenship involves preparing students for a society full of technology. It is an expectation of each of our Wolf Creek schools that they develop a Digital Citizenship plan and embed these understandings, skills, and behaviours into their school's culture as best befits their students and staff. 
On this website are many examples of how educators can begin the process of teaching their students how to use technology in an appropriate manner. We believe that developing responsible digital learners and leaders begins at an early age. These resources have been grouped into various grade levels to assist teachers with selecting resources that are appropriate to the grade levels they teach. These resources may also be appropraite for parents to explore with their children or in their own exploration of Digital Citizenship.  


As an educator you may be interested in learning more about understanding digital citizenship. Here are some interesting links to articles and videos that discuss this topic:

Grade K-3 Resources

You can present the NetSmartz Internet safety program to an entire group of children at the same time by using a computer that is connected to an LCD projector.

Children can also complete computer activities through independent learning programs at their own pace on individual computers in a classroom or computer lab. There are many ways Internet safety concepts can be incorporated without formally teaching Internet safety as a separate topic. NetSmartz provides these opportunities. Lesson plans, activities and resources can be accessed on their website.

Grade 4-8 Resources

The Passport to the Internet is an online, interactive Internet literacy tutorial that helps students develop the skills needed to use the Internet safely.

Using simulations of the most popular Internet environments, this interactive resource teaches students about online safety, authenticating online information, recognizing online marketing ploys, protecting their privacy, managing online relationships and dealing with cyberbullying.

Lesson Plans and Tutorials can be accessed here on a secured internal page for Wolf Creek students and staff. Usernames and passwords can be obtained from inside the Wolfnet Conference.


Guides for Teachers (PDF version) to use or learn ahead of time are also available from the Wolfnet Conference - Digital Citizenship.

Other Resources for Teachers & Students