Land Acknowledgement

Treaty Six Territory


What is Land Acknowledgement?

A Land Acknowledgement is a formal statement that recognizes the relationship that exists between First Nations, Metis, and Inuit Peoples, and their traditional territories. Wolf Creek Public Schools Land Acknowledgement also recognizes non-First Nations Peoples as part of the reconciliatory work.

Acknowledging territory can be performed at any important function such as a school assembly, awards night, graduation, or celebrations that include First Nations communities. Acknowledging the land is usually the first item on the agenda, and is included in the opening remarks.


Why do we recognize the land?

Recognizing the land demonstrates gratitude and appreciation to those whose territory we reside, as well as honours the Indigenous people who have a long-standing relationship with the land. The Land Acknowledgement recognizes the historical events that has brought us to reside on Treaty 6 Territory.


Wolf Creek Public Schools' Land Acknowledgement

The land acknowledgement that is used in Wolf Creek Public Schools was developed by the Wisdom and Guidance Committee and is unique in that it includes non-First Nations. The committee felt it was important to acknowledge the long-standing relationship that existed with Settlers and the relationships that need to be built as we move forward on the path of reconciliation.


English Version - Land Acknowledgement

Cree Version - Land Acknowledgement

French Version - Land Acknowlegement