Post-Secondary Information

Admissions 101

Here is a pamphlet with information on the application process.

Please be aware that your GRADE 11 marks are important to post secondary admission.  Often Post Secondary institutions will give you conditional admission based on your Grade 11 course marks.  

Are you going to a school in British Columbia?  Alberta students should provide information on courses taken in Grades 9, 10, 11 and 12 when applying in BC.  

Are you going to a school in the United States?  The final SAT administration for the current school year occurs on May 7. Registration closed on April 8, 2022.  Students applying to an American school should also be prepared to report Grade 9 marks.

Post Secondary COVID-Related Information and Updates

Bow Valley College

Starting October 23, 2021 the BVC will require proof of Health Canada approved COVID-19 double vaccinations for all employees, students, contractors, future visitors, and on-campus partners (Vaccine exemptions will be assessed for medical reasons or other protected grounds under the Alberta Human Rights Act).

Concordia University of Edmonton

Concordia University of Edmonton (CUE) is requiring that its students, faculty, academic colleagues, staff, contractors, and volunteers be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to protect the health and safety of our campus community.

Dalhousie University

Proof of full vaccination is required of all students, faculty and staff who participate in on-campus activities (courses, employment, services, programming & events, etc.), with accommodations available.  Three-layered masks are now required to be worn on campus.

Huron at Western

Mandatory Vaccination on Campus: Huron and its affiliate partners are implementing a vaccination policy which will require proof of vaccination or have an exemption in order to come on campus, including living in residence. Those with an exemption must be tested for COVID-19 twice weekly. There is no testing option for those who choose not to be vaccinated. Those without proof of vaccination or an exemption will not be permitted on campus.

KING'S University

As of November 1, those who have not submitted proof of a second dose will not be allowed on campus. This does not apply to those who have a medical exemption or are providing regular negative rapid test results to access campus. 

Lethbridge College

Lethbridge College has implemented a COVID-19 vaccination and testing protocol. Everyone entering campus must show proof of vaccination, provide a negative PCR or rapid test taken within 72 hours of being on campus, or have a medical exemption. Proof of vaccination or negative test results must be documented in the LC Alert app or the LC Alert web app for all students, employees and visitors on campus.

Mount Royal University

Mount Royal University has implemented digital vaccination verification using the MRU Now app. Implementing vaccination verification enhances health and safety measures at Mount Royal and further helps the University respond to Alberta’s state of public health emergency.

Effective Oct. 4, 2021, an approved MRU Now QR code or a valid negative rapid test result is required for attendance on MRU campus for employees and students at Mount Royal University properties/facilities.

On-campus and in-person students, employees and faculty are required to upload their proof of vaccination or exemption to the MRU Now vaccine verification module and have an approved green or orange verified QR code before coming to campus.


Proof of vaccination or negative rapid test is required on campus.  
Starting October 12, Protective Services will operate structured rotating checks at campus entrances. You will need to show photo ID and proof of at least a first dose or negative test result. The green vaccine QR code, which can be shown or printed from the NAIT Alert app, is the only acceptable form of proof for staff and students.

Visitors will need to show a paper or electronic vaccination record or proof of a privately paid COVID-19 PCR or rapid test completed within the previous 72 hours.

Olds College

As outlined by the Government of Alberta, and in Olds College’s Proof of Vaccine Policy and Procedures, any student, employee or visitor who is on campus, or students living in campus housing, must:

provide proof of vaccination (proof of vaccination is verified by submitting your provincial/territorial COVID-19 vaccine record with QR code), or

provide documentation of a medical exemption (PCR or rapid tests are required), or

provide proof of an approved negative privately-paid PCR or rapid test result

For students and staff coming onto campus to be compliant with the negative test results option, a valid PCR or rapid test result must be submitted by the noon deadline every Monday and Thursday (tests results are valid if within 24 hours of the deadline).

Queen's University

Individuals (including, but not limited to, students, staff, faculty, contractors, visitors and volunteers) are required to be Fully Vaccinated against COVID-19 prior to participating in any In-person University Activities, with the rare exception of those faculty, staff and students who cannot be vaccinated due to validated exemptions (medical and other protected grounds under the Ontario Human Rights Code).

Red Deer Polytechnic

The Red Deer Polytechnic vaccine program has now ended.  Students and visitors no longer need to produce a vaccine passport to apply or to visit campus.

Saint Mary's University Halifax

Saint Mary’s University requires proof of full vaccination from all faculty, staff, and students. NOTE that booster shots are not required for proof of full vaccination.

This new measure is in addition to the previously announced COVID-19 and Vaccination Requirements Policy that includes:

Mandating all faculty, staff, and students to be fully vaccinated (those who cannot meet this requirement because of medical or other grounds must apply for an exemption)
Maintaining masking requirements in all public spaces or in spaces where physical distancing is not possible (including in classrooms and laboratories)
Enforcing physical distancing requirements


Beginning Jan. 1, 2022, all SAIT students must be fully vaccinated with two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine approved by the World Health Organization to access SAIT campuses or participate in SAIT-sanctioned activities. A negative COVID-19 test result will no longer be accepted in lieu of proof of vaccination unless there is a medical exemption or accommodation on protected grounds in place. For more information, visit


It is mandatory for SFU community members to submit Vaccine Declarations. Declarations are used to inform SFU’s Safety Plan to encourage the community to get vaccinated and to help SFU plan for safety measures on campus including rapid screening. Getting vaccinated is the most important thing we can do to protect ourselves and our community from COVID-19.

University of Alberta

Effective November 1, 2021, individuals may not attend on Properties unless they are Fully Vaccinated and have provided Proof of Vaccination to the University as directed by the University. Individuals are required to maintain ongoing Fully Vaccinated status in the event that Health Canada updates its requirements for full vaccine protection, in which case the University will update and communicate timing requirements for maintaining Fully Vaccinated status accordingly.
**Note: This means that to be considered Fully Vaccinated by November 1, 2021, the individual must by no later than October 18, 2021 have received their second dose of a vaccine that falls within the definition of Fully Vaccinated.

Self Reporting Courses: If you cannot find one or more of their courses in the drop-down menus of the UAlberta application (excluding Apply Alberta), they are asked to please contact Student Connect at following the submission of their application and ask that the missing course(s) be added to their application. The same applies to students who have reached the maximum number of self-reported courses in the UAlberta application.

University of Calgary

All students, staff and faculty are required to upload their proof of vaccination immediately on the Thrive Health Portal.

Quarterly system: As a result of COVID 19, we recognize that school boards/education systems have taken a variety of approaches to the high school semester structure (quad-semester, octo-semester, regular semester). To ensure a consistent and equitable process across the different semester structures being used this year, the University of Calgary will accept transcripts for admission evaluation following traditional semester timelines:

Grade 11 as soon as you apply
February for any courses completed between September and January
July for courses completed between February and June.
Students in a non-semestered or linear school will be able to submit interim/predicted grades as per our regular processes.

University of Regina

The University of Regina continues to prioritize the health and safety of our students, faculty, staff, and broader community. As such, the University requires that all students, faculty, and staff provide proof of full vaccination.

Students, faculty, and staff who are not fully vaccinated for any reason, or who choose not to disclose their vaccination status, will be required to undergo regular, rapid antigen testing and receive ongoing negative test results to attend any University of Regina campus in person.

General Admission Information

The following admissions information is generalized.  Steps 1, 2 and 3 are applicable to all post secondary institutions, and many institutions offer registration and loans workshops. Check the website of your institution for information.  This information will help walk you through the process of applying for your program and the following steps. 

Step 1:  Requirements

Students must meet minimum academic requirements for all programs at all institutions.  In addition, some institutions have competitive grade-average requirements for some or all programs.  The competitive average varies each year, depending on the applicant pool.  You should be able to view the final average range from the previous year on your institution's website.   Report the subjects you are taking and your mark or anticipated mark for both Grade 11 and Grade 12 courses in Apply Alberta; but once your application is submitted, updates must be made at your institutions site- they will no longer look at Apply Alberta information.  If applying to BC, report all courses taken in Grades 9 - 12.  

Requirements vary widely from institution to institution and from program to program, so you need to start your research early to know what will be required for your field of interest.  For most universities, direct-entry programs require five core academic courses, varying by program.

Step 2: Admission

Apply early.  Some institutions/programs are first applied, first qualified, first accepted.  Students can apply in their Grade 12 year, using final Grade 11 marks as well as any completed Grade 12 marks.  Updated marks can be submitted as they become available - directly to your university or college (if you enter your updates in Apply Alberta after submitting an application, your post secondary institution will NOT get the update).  Often, students who do not yet meet eligibility requirements will be reassessed once they submit new final marks.  Many applications for post secondary study open on October 1 each year.

Admission decisions are based on the information available at the time that the application is reviewed. Conditional Offers of Admission may be issued in anticipation of fulfillment of the admission requirements by the appropriate deadline.  The Conditions are that you will complete the required courses.  Once all conditions have been met, the registrar's office will issue confirmation that you now meet requirements.

Step 3: Accepting the Offer

Most students receive their admission offer, conditional or otherwise, in the spring.  Students with highly competitive marks could receive an admission offer as early as October.  You must be vigilant about checking your email and your post secondary account/portal.  Students will need to accept their offer of admission and, in many cases, pay a tuition deposit by the given deadline.  

Step 4: Attend a Workshop

Most universities and colleges will offer workshops to assist students with registration, and many have student loan workshops as well.  Once again, keep yourself informed and take advantage of these opportunities to ease your transition to post secondary. 

Application Dates

Please make sure that you check the application opening dates for your post secondary school.  Many applications open October 1, and some even before then.  Post secondary advisors tell us that students need to apply early to have the best chance of entry.  While competitive programs admit students on the basis of competitive admission average (the overall average of the courses required for admission), we are told that wait lists are organized by date of application.


Reporting Your Marks

When you are completing your ApplyAlberta form online, please ensure that you list all of the high school courses that are prerequisites for your program, whether they are courses that you have taken, are taking, or are planning to take.  Your institution will not start processing your applicarion for a program unless they know that you are planning to meet prerequisites, so this step is critical.  Please note that Grade 11 marks are also critical - some universities, such as the University of Calgary, will grant you admission based on your Grade 11 marks, as reported on your Detailed Academic Report, which they can access once you apply to them.

When you go to update your marks, you must update the marks on the website of your institution.  Post secondary schools upload your application from Apply Alberta only once, so if you update your marks only in ApplyAlberta, your college or university will not get that updated information, which may cost you admission to your program.  

  • Check your institution's website and our calendar for application acceptance dates and application deadline dates. For non competitive programs, early application is advised, to secure a seat in the program.  See note above re: competitive programs.
  •  Most university applications are now completed online.  You will be applying for public Alberta Post Secondary Institutions through ApplyAlberta.
  • Once you have applied, it is VERY important to stay on top of your application.  Your institution will contact you periodically to request information.  If you fail to send the information by the deadline given in the request, your application WILL be cancelled.  Institutions may contact you by mail, email, or by posting requests on their student portal.  Read all documentation sent to you carefully and be sure that you sign up for a student portal if requested to do so.  
  • If you plan to apply for residence, do so as soon as you have confirmation that your application for admission haas been received.  Check with your institution to find out if the residence application fee is refundable.  

Alberta Post-Secondary Institution Links




Alberta University of the Arts Calgary 800-251-8290

Academy of Learning

Red Deer 403-347-6676
Ambrose University College Calgary 800-461-1222

Athabasca University

Athabasca 800-788-9041

Banff Centre

Banff 403-762-6100

Bow Valley College

Calgary 866-428-2669

Burman University

Lacombe 403-782-3381

Concordia University of Edmonton

Edmonton 866-479-5200
Grande Prairie Regional College Grand Prarie 888-539-4772

Keyano College

Fort McMurray 800-251-1408

Lakeland College

Vermillion 800-661-6490

Lethbridge College

Lethbridge 800-572-0103

MacEwan University

Edmonton 780-497-5140

Medicine Hat College

Medicine Hat 866-282-8394

Mount Royal University

Calgary 877-440-5001

NorQuest College

Edmonton 866-543-7218

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

Edmonton 877-627-3377

Northern Lakes College

Slave Lake 866-652-3456

Olds College

Olds 800-661-6537

Portage College

Lac La Biche, Cold Lake & St. Paul 866-623-5551
Prairie College Three Hills 800-661-2425

Red Deer Polytechnic

Red Deer 403-342-3400
Rocky Mountain College Calgary 877-968-6762

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

Calgary 877-284-7248

St. Mary's University

Calgary 403-531-9130
Taylor University College and Seminary Edmonton 800-567-4988

The King's University

Edmonton 800-661-8582

University of Alberta

Edmonton/Camrose 855-492-3113

University of Calgary

Calgary 403-210-7625

University of Lethbridge




Are you planning to live in residence? Do not wait for acceptance into a Post Secondary Institution. Once you apply to a Post Secondary Institution, you should also apply for residence.