Bus Status App is now Available to WCPS Parents

We are very excited to announce that parents and staff can now receive notifications directly to their device regarding the status of their child's bus. For instructions on how to install and set up your Bus Status App click on the short video below. You will find it is an easy set up for both IOS and Android devices.

Check out or download a quick step by step guide below:


WCPS Bus Driver COVID-19 Information

For information regarding Covid -19 follow the link below. There is a copy of the Staff COVID-19 Handbook, this document provides information and guidance to all WCPS staff. Please make sure you take time to read it.

Going forward over the next few weeks, we will be in contact with bus drivers via email as to what the next steps will be for our department.

Staff COVID-19 Handbook

Transportation Services Department

Do you know the traffic rules for school buses?

Wolf Creek Public Schools provides you with access to the transportation department which oversees registration for the transportation programs, provides parents with a basic handbook, busing letters, and updates for the busing schedule. This department also oversees the busing department.

Transportation Manager: Ron Rarick

Assistant Manager: Betty Clark

Driver Trainer/Driver Coordinator: Lolita Clark

Administrative Assistants: Tammy Freerksen and Kayla Whitecotton


Bus Registration - What You Need to Know

CURRENT YEAR - Please use the Parent Portal or SchoolEngage to submit the 2020-2021 busing application for the current year.  If you have a new address you must change your address with the school prior to completing the form - this step is critical.  Applications can take 5-7 school days to process.

If you are unsure of which school your child should be attending please contact WCPS Transportation Services Department.

*** Incomplete or inaccurate information on the forms will result in a delay in the processing of an application. Do this right the first time to avoid delays***

* Rural (country) students only register if they are new to or have moved within WCPS or that school divisions the WCPS has busing arrangements with (i.e. STAR Catholic Schools etc.)  Rural cross boundary students must re-apply each year.

* Urban (town) students who live in Lacombe, Blackfalds and Ponoka MUST re-register for busing each year, this includes STAR Catholic students and cross boundary students. 

* User Pay Fees are assessed to all students who live in an urban area and live less than 2.4km from school.  Approved students will have fees applied in Rycor Student Fee system - early applicants can qualify for an installment plan.   Once approved for user pay busing, parents will receive email instructions on making a full payment or setting up an installment plan.  Failure to keep fees current can result in students being denied busing.  Cross boundary students will be assigned an application fee (depending on the distance from their designated school, user pay fees may also be applied). 

Waiting List are active in some urban user pay areas if the bus serving that area is full.  User pay applicants will be placed on a bus if there is determined to be space available. 

* Distances are calculated in an Alberta Education approved routing software based on Alberta Education criteria.

* Cross Boundary students will need to re-apply each year and will have a cross boundary form applied to them when the busing form is completed and submitted.  The cross boundary form must also be completed and submitted.  A cross boundary application fee will be applied and must be paid prior to the application being considered.  User pay fees could also be applied if the student lives less than 2.4 km from their designated school.

* STAR Catholic parents must create an account in SchoolEngage and apply for busing using the Catholic Student Bus Application Form for the appropriate year.

* Approved busing applications will be processed and the parent and student information will be passed along to a bus driver.  The driver will make contact with the family to inform them of the stop location and times.

* Drivers are not permitted to transport students who are not on their route list or to make changes to student bus stops without permission.  No guest riders!

Apply for Busing

All busing registrations (for new or current students who now require transportation) must be submitted through the Parent Portal or School Engage. If you do not have an account please contact your child's school to arrange this. We have provided two links that contain instructions to assist you as you work through this new process.

WCPS students who currently use busing will only need to reapply if they are Urban and/or Cross-boundary students (See the definitions above).

Registration Instructions - Current Wolf Creek Students

Registration Instructions- New Students to Wolf Creek

If you are a STAR Catholic family requesting busing please follow this link to register for busing.

STAR Catholic Students

Instructions for STAR Students


Video Surveillance on School Transportation Vehicles

In order to provide for the personal safety and security of students and personal property belonging to the Division, the Division supports the use of video surveillance practices on student transportation vehicles believing that such practices shall through deterrence, encourage good behavior and promote safe practices.

Student misbehavior increases the potential risk of injury or damage to property. As the behavior of students is a significant factor in the safety and efficiency of school transportation systems, the Division supports the use and implementation of video monitoring practices on student transportation vehicles as needed, in accordance with the procedures established herein.

It is important for parents to be aware that their child may at some point during the school year ride a school bus that is equipped with Video Surveillance Cameras. If you wish to know more specifics regarding this policy please follow the link to AP 182

Bus Status

Wolf Creek Public Schools desires to keep parents, students, teachers and school administrators informed of changes to the status of busing on any given school day. Notification will be provided on the Bus Status webpage when there are changes to the regular operating times of any of the Wolf Creek buses that transport our students. Please check the Bus Status webpage for bus cancellations or delays. Also available to parents, students and school staff is the Bus Status App.  Please download it and subscribe to your bus or buses to get notifications through your smart phone.

Wolf Creek Public Schools will continue to announce any district-wide busing cancellations due to inclement weather, fog, or poor road conditions using Wolf Creek Public Schools' communication practice.

Click here to visit the Bus Status Page.

Responsibilities of Students

Responsibilities of Students

In order to ensure a safe and positive school bus experience, it is important that students, parents and bus drivers understand their responsibilities. Before beginning to ride the bus, students and parents must review and complete the Responsibilities Form provided by your bus driver. Please follow this link for more information

Did You Know? FAQ?

  • Transportation services coordinates all of the busing within the division
  • We transport approximately 4800 students to and from school on division-owned and contracted buses along 70 rural bus routes and 16 urban bus routes (Blackfalds, Lacombe, Ponoka)

  • Provides busing for school-related field trips
  • Work hard to ensure the safety of all our passengers to and from school
  • Our drivers are highly trained Class 2 drivers with the "S" endorsement 

Frequently Asked Questions

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