Mission and Vision

Creating Success for All Learners

Mission Statement
We inspire success, confidence and resilience in every student

We will ensure our students reach high levels of achievement to prepare them for a successful future as lifelong learners who embody strong character and citizenship. To do this, we will:

  • create places to learn and work where staff and students are happy, recognized and fulfilled.
  • develop critical thinkers able to adapt to the challenges of an ever-changing world.
  • design balanced learning environments to support the intellectual, emotional, social and physical development of all students.
  • openly and honestly communicate as we welcome the involvement of all parents, staff and students in the diverse communities we serve.

We value and nurture positive, authentic relationships while ensuring safe and caring learning and work environments.

  • We care by being open, honest and transparent in how we engage our schools and communities and honour their contributions to help guide our future.
  • We respect inclusivity and diversity to ensure everyone is treated fairly and equitably.
  • We create supportive, caring learning environments.
  • We are accountable by demonstrating integrity in our words and actions.
  • We model the importance of maintaining personal health and wellness.

The Journey to New Mission, Vision and Values


The foundational statements that define what a school division is, and what it strives to be is written within its mission, vision, values and belief statements. It’s been 15 years since Wolf Creek Public Schools (WCPS) last examined and rewrote those statements. 

With the inclusion of two kick-off stakeholder sessions, Feb. 11 and 12, 2019 at the Division office in Ponoka, WCPS’s Board of Trustees opened up that conversation and reflection with students and staff in advance of a larger community engagement. 

The Thoughtexchange community engagement launched Feb. 13, 2019 with the following question: 

What do you value most about Wolf Creek Public Schools and what can we do better to prepare our students for the challenges and opportunities of the future?

Wolf Creek Public Schools’ Steering Committee met on May 2, 2019 to review to take the next step in the process of examining and ultimately arriving at new Mission, Vision and Values statements that truly speak to WCPS and its direction for the future. 

The Steering Committee analyzed the results of the Thoughtexchange engagement, an online tool that allows for the sharing of ideas and the ability to look at and star other ideas, while diving deeper into concepts and themes emerging. The initial Thoughtexchange engaged staff, students, parents and the community at large, garnering nearly 2,000 participants and over 2,200 individual thoughts. . 

The Steering Committee was a cross section of division stakeholders and included representation from staff and high school students. 

Staff Representation (29):

Superintendents’ Team (5), Trustees (6), District Office Support Staff (2), School Administrators (2), Teachers (2), Administrative Assistants (2), Educational Assistants (2), Custodians (2), Bus Drivers (1), SSWs (2), FNMI Cohort (2)

Student Representation (18):

Alix-MAC (2), Bentley School (2), Eckville Junior/Senior High School (2), Ecole Secondaire LCHS (2), Lacombe Outreach (2), Rimbey Junior/Senior High School (2), West Country Outreach School (2), Brick Learning Centre (2), Ponoka Secondary Campus (2)

The Board met June 10, 2019 to carefully review all feedback including the thoughtexchange and stakeholder session data from students, staff, parents and community members and drafted the refreshed statements. These draft statements were shared with both staff and high school student Steering Committee members at the end of June, 2019 for final comments and suggestions. 

Facts & Figures

  • Approximately 7700 students, from Kindergarten to Grade 12, attend Wolf Creek Public Schools.
  • The Division employs approximately 412 teachers and 350 support staff.
  • There are 29 schools in the Division: 20 regular schools, 3 outreach schools, 5 Hutterite Colony schools, and 1 patients' school located at the Centennial Centre in Ponoka.
  • Residents of Wolf Creek Public Schools are represented by six trustees on the Board of Trustees. Each trustee represents a ward within the boundaries of the school division.
  • The Division's operating budget for the 2023-2024 school year is $94 million.
  • Approximately 3750 students are transported to and from school on division-owned and contracted buses consisting of 79 regular routes, plus 7 special needs routes.
  • Wolf Creek Public Schools' high-speed computer network connects to the Alberta SuperNet and the Internet to serve the collaboration, communication, learning, and research needs of Wolf Creek students and staff.
  • A comprehensive Inclusive Learning team assists schools in meeting the needs of all students in Wolf Creek with a special focus on students identified with special education needs.
  • French Immersion programs are offered in four (4) City of Lacombe schools.
  • Wolf Creek Public Schools covers 5944 square kilometres and is located on both sides of the Queen Elizabeth II Highway (Highway 2) midway between Calgary and Edmonton. The City of Red Deer is our closest urban center.
  • Wolf Creek Public Schools has partnered with Red Deer Polytechnic to provide Dual Credit and Career opportunities for high school students.
  • Wolf Creek Public Schools has partnered with Clearview School Division to provide Enhanced Learning which focuses on diploma preparation through a flexible curriculum model.
  • Wolf Creek Public Schools offers an International Learning Program which creates opportunities for cultural and educational experiences.