Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

Wolf Creek Public Schools exists to ensure that each student is a successful learner for a lifetime.

Therefore, each member of our organization is committed to developing the skills to create learning environments that are respectful of individual needs, nurturing in focus, and centered on exemplary educational practices.


Our vision is designed to reflect the needs and priorities of our community while aligning with Alberta Education requirements ensuring five focus areas have been identified that will drive plans for the District and our schools for several years.

1.     Wolf Creek Public Schools’ Students are Successful

a)     Literacy Focus Pre-K-12

b)     Increase High School Completion

c)     Early Learning Initiative

d)     Increase in levels of achievement

e)     Increase in levels of achievement for diverse learners

f)     Collaborative Response Model (CRM) focused on Collaboration, Assessment and Pyramids of Intervention

2.     First Nations, Métis and Inuit Students are Successful

a)     Literacy focus Pre-K-12

b)     Increase High School Completion

c)     Enhanced student transition processes

d)     Increase in levels of achievement

e)     Cultural sensitivity

f)      Embedded First Nations, Métis and Inuit content and perspectives

3.     Wolf Creek Public Schools’ Education System is Inclusive

a)      Safe, Caring, Welcoming and Inclusive

b)      School-based Intervention Teams

c)      Enhanced student growth monitoring

4.     Wolf Creek Public Schools has Excellent Teachers, School and School Authority Leaders

a)     Cohort opportunities to support teachers and leaders

b)     Strong professional development opportunities

c)     Commitment to Health, Wellness and Safe Learning Environments

5.     Wolf Creek Public Schools’ Education System is Well Governed and Managed

a)      Enhanced communication to stakeholders and increased input opportunities

Facts & Figures

  • Approximately 7300 students, from Kindergarten to Grade 12, attend Wolf Creek Public Schools.
  • The Division employs approximately 412 teachers and 350 support staff.
  • There are 30 schools in the Division: 20 regular schools, 3 outreach schools, 5 Hutterite Colony schools, 1 district school program for students with psychiatric and/or emotional/behavioral challenges, and 1 patients' school located at the Centennial Centre in Ponoka.
  • Residents of Wolf Creek Public Schools are represented by six trustees on the Board of Trustees. Each trustee represents a ward within the boundaries of the school division.
  • The Division's operating budget for the 2018-2019 school year is $90 million.
  • Approximately 3900 students are transported to and from school on division-owned and contracted buses along 71 rural bus routes and 7 urban routes (Blackfalds, Lacombe, Ponoka).
  • Wolf Creek Public Schools' high-speed computer network connects to the Alberta SuperNet and the Internet to serve the collaboration, communication, learning, and research needs of Wolf Creek students and staff.
  • A comprehensive Inclusive Learning team assists schools in meeting the needs of all students in Wolf Creek with a special focus on students identified with special education needs.
  • French Immersion programs are offered in four (4) Town of Lacombe schools.
  • Wolf Creek Public Schools covers 5944 square kilometres and is located on both sides of the Queen Elizabeth II Highway (Highway 2) midway between Calgary and Edmonton. The City of Red Deer is our closest urban center.
  • Wolf Creek Public Schools has partnered with Red Deer College to provide Dual Credit and Career opportunities for high school students.
  • Wolf Creek Public Schools has partnered with Clearview School Division to provide Enhanced Learning which focuses on diploma preparation through a flexible curriculum model.
  • Wolf Creek Public Schools offers an International Learning Program which creates opportunities for cultural and educational experiences.