500 - Business Administration

500 - Business Administration

AP 500: Annual Division Budget

AP 501: Annual School Budgets

AP 502: Capital Reserve Funds

AP 503: Cash Management and Investments

AP 504: Staff Recognition - Division Use of Funds

AP 505: Student Fees

AP 506: Fee Waiver

Appendix 506A - Fee Waiver Guidelines

Form 506-1 - Fee Waiver Application Form

AP 507: Tuition Fees - International and Non-Funded Students

AP 508: Protection of Valuables in Schools

AP 509: Innovative Division Programs Financial Management

AP 510: Financial Accountability and Audits

Appendix 510A - School Audits

AP 511: School Generated Funds

AP 512: Cash in School Buildings

AP 513: Expense Reimbursement

AP 514: Kilometerage Reimbursement

Appendix 514A - Standard Division Kilometer Chart

AP 515: Spending - Contracting

Form 515-1 - Delegation of Authority

Form 515-2 - Verbal/Written Quote Summary Sheet

AP 516: Authorized Signatures

AP 517: Inventories

AP 518: School Property Disposal

AP 519: Surplus Land and Buildings

AP 520: School Fundraising

AP 525: Partnerships

Appendix 525A - Ethical Guidelines for Business-Education Partnerships

AP 526: Income Tax Deductible Receipts for Donations Received

AP 527: Request for Sponsorship/Financial Support of the Board

Form 527-1 - Application for Board Sponsorship/Financial Support

AP 530: Insurance Management

AP 531: Student Insurance

AP 540: Planning for School Facilities

AP 541: Naming and/or Renaming an Educational Site

AP 542: Facilities Construction

AP 543: Role of School Administration in Construction Projects

Form 543-1 - Documentation Template for School Construction Projects

AP 544: Buildings and Grounds Security

AP 545: Facilities Management

AP 546: Chemical and Hazardous Waste Management

AP 547: Environmental Considerations

AP 549: Personal Use of District Equipment and Materials

AP 550: Community Use of Schools

Form 550-1 - Application for the Use of School Facilities

Schedule 550-1 - Facility Rental Terms and Conditions

AP 551: Playground Equipment

AP 560: General Transportation of Students

Form 560-1 - Waiver and Release: Alternate Pick up/Drop off Location

Form 560-2 - Waiver and Release: Alternate Location Information for Pick up/Drop off by Reference to Name of Landowner

AP 561: Transportation of Students with Special Needs

Appendix 561A - Wolf Creek Special Needs Transportation Guidelines

Appendix 561B - Contractor Provided Transportation Agreement

Appendix 561C - Parent Provided Transportation Agreement

Appendix 561D - Parent Provided Transportation Agreement - Rate Calculation

Form 561-1 - Transportation Physical Restraint Informed Consent

Form 561-2 - Transportation Physical Restraint Sizing Form

AP 562: Transportation of Student Materials

AP 563: Transportation Boundaries

AP 564: Student Field Trip - Bus Transportation

Link - Online Student Field Trip Application

AP 565: Transportation of Students in Private Vehicles

Form 565-1 - Volunteer Drive Authorization Form

AP 566: Transportation Fees

AP 570: Fleet Management

AP 580: Use of Division-Owned Vehicles