Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries are available for a variety of criteria, including academic excellence, financial need, leadership, community involvement and much more. A scholarship is a form of financial aid awarded to students for further education.   There are literally thousands of scholarships available. Once you have checked entrance award deadlines for the post secondary institution you plan to attend, you may want to start with the links in the Scholarship Resources table below. Then see the list beneath the table to check out scholarship links for your school as well as the broader area scholarship categories. Note that there are WAY too many scholarships for us to keep track of here. Students who take the time to do lots of research will find many opportunities to apply for scholarships.

The best time to plan for scholarships is in Grade 11.  Many scholarships are based on leadership and/or community involvement.  If your scholarship deadline is an early one, your contribution will be assessed based on your activities in Grade 11. Additionally, some scholarships review Grade 11 marks, if Grade 12 marks are not finalized. 

Grade 12 students need to begin serious scholarship research right at the beginning of their Grade 12 school year, as some of the larger scholarships, such as the Loran and the Schulich, have early deadlines.

If you need help filling out Post Secondary or Scholarship applications - go see the Career Counselor or Administrator in your school.

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Click here for a printable brochure on the scholarship research process.



Scholarship Resources

Alberta Learning Information Service

Information on applying for Scholarships and Bursaries

Student Aid Alberta




4-H Scholarship and Grant Programs.

Choose Scholarships in the top menu bar. Note:  You must sign up for a free subscription.

Matches you to thousands of scholarships, bursaries and cash awards.

Canada's most comprehensive scholarship portal. Search through an extensive database to find scholarships, student awards, bursaries and grants. You'll also find information about student loans, applications and budget planning. 

Universities Canada

Represents over 90 Canadian public and private not-for-profit universities and university-degree level colleges.  

The Edmonton Community Foundation

A number of scholarship, bursary and award funds to assist young people in upgrading or continuing their studies and/or training

The Calgary Foundation – Student Awards

Find student awards, scholarships and bursaries for individuals interest in pursuing or currently enrolled in post secondary education.


Create a  profile and get matched to scholarships.

CanLearn offers valuable information about savings plans, student loans, grants and scholarships:

Indigenous Bursaries Search Tool

 A searchable list of scholarships and incentives provided by the Government of Canada

Post Secondary Scholarships

Note: There are too many post secondary institutions to be able to accurately list their scholarships here. It is each student's responsibility to check the website of your post secondary institution to be aware of deadline dates.  

Many institutions have one scholarship application for a large variety of scholarships.  Please ensure that you are aware of the deadlines for these important applications.  

For example, the deadline to apply for:

Red Deer Polytechnic General Awards Application is May 31, 2024. 

University of Alberta application-based scholarships is January 10, 2024. 

University of Calgary Prestige Award Applications is December 1, 2023. 

University of Calgary High School Entrance Awards Application is March 1, 2024.

University of Lethbridge Board Of governor's Admission Scholarship: In order to be considered for the Board of Governors’ Admission Scholarship, you need to apply before the early admission deadline of December 15, 2023.

University of Saskatchewan Best and Brightest Entrance Scholarships is December 15 (must have applied for admission by December 01), 2023.

Queen's University Major Admission Awards Application is December 8, 2023.

Burman University Early Admission Tuition Scholarship: This $1000 scholarship rewards those new applicants who receive an Offer of Admission by February 1, of the upcoming school year. Applicable to the September intake for the upcoming school year. Scholarship.