400 - Personnel & Employee Relations

400 - Personnel & Employee Relations

AP 400: Staff Employment

Appendix 400A - Criminal Record and Vulnerable Sector Checks

AP 401: Financial and Supervisory Relationships Principles of Employment

AP 402: Personnel Records

AP 403: Duty to Report

Form 403-1 - Public Interest Disclosure

AP 404: Drug and Alcohol - Employees

AP 405: Working Alone

AP 406: Certificate of Good Health

AP 407: Conflict of Interest - Employees

AP 408: Employment and Family Assistance Program

AP 409: Supplemental Employment Benefits (SEB) Plan

AP 410: Leave of Absence

AP 411: Employment Participation in Political Activities

AP 412: Deferred Salary Leave Plan

Appendix 412A - Deferred Salary Leave Plan Details

Form 412-1 - Deferred Salary Leave Plan Application

AP 413: Secondments

AP 414: Tuition Loan Plan Master's Degree

Form 414-1 - Master's Degree Tuition Loan Plan

AP 415: Progressive Staff Discipline

AP 419: Employee Resignations

AP 422: Teacher Growth Supervision and Evaluation

AP 424: Use of Division-Based Professional Development Funds

Form 424-1 - Professional Development Request Form

AP 425: Teacher Exchange Program

AP 426: Professional Staff Reduction

AP 427: Transition to Retirement Program

AP 429: Student Teaching

AP 430: Role of the Principal

AP 432: Assessment Model for School Administrators

AP 433: Roles and Responsibilities of Acting Administrators

AP 435: Administrators Exchange Program

AP 436: Support Staff

AP 438: Support Staff Professional Development

AP 439: Reduction in Support Staff

AP 440: Role of School Administrative Assistant

Appendix 440A - Role Descriptors of School Administrative Assistants

AP 442: Role of Division Office Administrative Assistant

Appendix 442A - Role Descriptors of Division Office Administrative Assistants

AP 444: Process for Establishing Terms of Employment

AP 445: Local Authorities Pension Plan Participation

AP 447: Bus Driver Screening

AP 448: Bus Driver Retirement Age

AP 450: Organizational Structure

Appendix 450A - Organizational Structure Chart

AP 451: Role of Assistant Superintendent - People Services

AP 452: Role of Assistant Superintendent - Education Services

AP 454: Role of Secretary-Treasurer

AP 459: Accountability Reporting

AP 460: Substitute Teachers

Form 460-1 - Substitute Teacher Ability to Work Form

AP 461: Substitute Personnel for School-Based Support Staff

AP 462: Instructional Supervisors

AP 480: Worker Contract Status Determination

AP 490: Volunteers

Appendix 490A - Volunteer Screening Program

Form 490-1 - Volunteer Application Form

Form 490-2 - Criminal Record Declaration Form

Form 490-3 - Vulnerable Sector Check

AP 491: Extra-Curricular Volunteer Coaches and Supervisors

Form 491-1 - Release and Waiver of Liability Agreement Extracurricular Activity