Bentley Scholarships


Where possible, combined marks (government and school) will be used  to determine student marks; for 2nd semester subjects, the most recent report card mark will be used.

(presented at Grade 12 graduation exercises)



Major Athletic Award
  • total of 60 points or more:
  • volleyball & basketball (10 pts.)
  • track/cross country/ badminton  (5 pts.)
  • tennis/curling, etc. (5 pts.)
Minor Athletic Award
  • total of 45 pts. or more - up to 59 pts.
Outstanding Male & Female Athlete
  • active participant in two sports
  • demonstrates a high quality of leadership
  • promotes team spirit and morale
  • demonstrates sportsmanship
Students’ Union Award
  • must be enrolled in a minimum of 25 cr.
  • must achieve passing grades in current year
  • active in student union activities
  • demonstrate good citizenship and high morals
A.T.A. Honor Pins & PAC Medallions
  • presented to students who achieve an overall average of 80%
    or greater as determined by Rutherford
Wolf Creek Scholarship
(two awards with a value of $300 each)
  • student must not qualify for a Rutherford Scholarship but does
    plan to graduate and proceed with post-secondary studies
  • the selection committee shall consider contributions to school
    affairs, personal attributes, and community involvement
  • scholarship will be presented by a trustee at the annual school
    awards ceremony
Governor General Award
  • highest average in grade 12 according to Rutherford Criteria
Sunny 94 Scholarship ($415. per school)

  • demonstrates commitment to the fine arts or communications
    activities – those being interpreted  as broadly as possible.
  • successful candidate will be in process of pursuing a career in
    above areas
  • successful candidate must be enrolled in post-secondary
    program in above area within 12 months of receiving
    scholarship – funds paid upon verification of enrolment.
Wolf Creek School Division CTS Scholarship ($300)
  • The student takes a significant amount of his/her program in
    CTS, RAP, or Green Cert.
  • The student must enroll in postsecondary within 12 months
    of receiving scholarship (payable on receipt of enrolment)
  • The student should be nenrolled in a program related to their
    CTS studies
Bentley School Staff Award of Merit
(Cheryl Screpnek Humanitarian Award)
  • must have attended Bentley School for a   minimum of 2 years
  • demonstrate the following:
    • academic effort
    • high level of participation in school activities
    • positive attitude towards school
Bentley Library Society Best All Around Student Award
  • must maintain an average of at least 70%
  • must be a member of at least one interschool sport’s team
  • demonstrates good citizenship and sportsmanship qualities
  • good school attendance (the $500 cash award is conditional
    upon attendance at a post secondary institution)

County of Lacombe Scholarship
(Bentley Seed Cleaning Plant Scholarship)

The amount of the scholarship will be the annual interest
earned by an endowment fund of $31,792 split 6 ways
(Rim., Eck., Bent., Alix, Lac. Christian, LCHS)

  • Be registered in and attending a post secondary program with
    a minimum duration of one year.  Preference to be given to
    agriculture or related field.
  • Obtain an overall average mark of at least 70% in the graduating
    high school year.
  • Be a resident of the area served by the high school district for a
    minimum of three years.
  • When two or more students meet the above criteria, preference
    shall be given to the student receiving the least scholarship funding.
Michael’s Studio Award ($200)
  • Presented to a student with an interest in the arts.
  • Preference given to a student entering an art related program.
Community Savings Scholarship ($1000)
  • The student must have at least 80% in Math 30 as well as
    Social 30 or 33, yet priority is given to the student in Social 30.
  • The student must be registered in either business or finance
    programs (diploma or degree)
ATA Scholarship (Amount - $300)
  • presented to a student pursuing studies in an educationally
    related field.
Ag. Society Scholarship (Amount - $500.?)
  • available to any post-secondary student continuing in the
    agricultural field (apply to Ag. Society)
Subject Awards:
  1. English (Mr. Ralph Scarlett)
  2. Social (Mrs. Wendy Kuraitis Memorial Award)
  3. Math (Parent Advisory Council)
  4. Science Award (Agricultural Society)
  1. presented to the student with the highest average in Grade 12 English
  2. presented to the student with the highest average in Grade 12 Social
  3. presented to the student with the highest average in Math 30 and Math 31
  4. presented to the student with the highest average in two of the three
    grade 12 sciences:  Biology 30, Physics 30,Chemistry 30

Note:  Where possible, combined marks (government and school) will be used  to determine student marks; for 2nd sem. Subjects, the most recent report card mark will be used.