Bentley Scholarships

Summary of Bentley High School Awards – presented at Grad

Major & Minor Athletic Awards – Medallions

  • Major Total of 60 points or more
  •  Minor Total of 45 pts to 59 pts
  • Volleyball & basketball (10 pts each)
  • Handball/xcountry/badminton/curling/track (5pts each)

Outstanding Male & Female Athlete  $200/plaque

  •  Active participant in 2 or more school sports
  • Demonstrates a high quality of leadership, sportsmanship, positive character
  • Promotes team spirit & morale
  • Has generated the highest amount of points

Leadership Award  $200/plaque

  • Must be enrolled in a minimum of 25 credits
  • Must achieve passing grades in the current year
  • Active in leadership activities
  • Demonstrated good citizenship and high morals

Wolf Creek Scholarship  $300/plaque x 2 students

  • Students must NOT qualify for a Rutherford Scholarship but does plan to proceed with postsecondary studies
  • Consideration given to school affairs, personal attributes and community involvement
  • Application must be filled out and submitted to board, board decides on recipient
  • Scholarship to be presented by a school board trustee

Wolf Creek CTS Scholarship  $300/plaque

  • Student takes a significant amount of his/her program in CTS/RAP/WE or green certificate
  • Student must enroll in postsecondary within 12 months of receiving scholarship
  • Student must be enrolled in a program related to their CTS studies
  • Application must be filled out and submitted to board, board decides on recipient
  • Scholarship to be presented by a school board trustee

Cheryl Screpnek Humanitarian Award  $200/plaque

  • Must have attended Bentley School for a minimum of 2 years
  • Demonstrates academic effort, high level of participation in school activities, positive attitude towards school

Bentley Seed Cleaning Scholarship – money amount varies/plaque

(County of Lacombe Scholarship)

  • Be registered in and attending postsecondary program within a minimum duration of one year from H.S. graduation.
  • Obtain an overall average mark of at least 70% in the graduating high school year
  • Preference given to a student entering postsecondary in an agriculture or related field
  • Be a resident of the area served by the H.S. district for a minimum of 3 years
  • When two or more students meet the criteria, preference shall be given to the student receiving the least overall scholarship funding.
  •  Scholarship amount is based on interest gained and how many recipients apply.

Lifetouch Scholarship  $200/plaque

  • Has a definite interest in photography as a hobby or career
  • A student that volunteers on the yearbook committee (optional)

ATA Scholarship  $300/plaque

  • Presented to a student pursuing studies in an educationally related field.

Bentley Ag Society Scholarship  $500/plaque

  • Awarded to a student registered and attending postsecondary studies in an agriculture field

Joslyn Snow PRIDE Scholarship  $500/plaque x 2

  • Encompasses the Bentley School PRIDE motto.

Sylvan Lake Rotary Club Scholarship $1000  (Sponsored by the Sylvan Lake Rotary Club)

  • Registered and attending postsecondary within one year of receiving the scholarship
  • Rotary Club picks the recipient

Highest Mark in Core Subject

Subject Awards  $100/plaque

  • English – Highest Average in English 301 & 302
  • Social – Highest Average in Social 301 & 302
  • Math – Highest Average in Math 301, Math 302 & Math 31
  • Biology – Highest Average in Biology 30
  • Chemistry – Highest Average in Chemistry 30
  • Physics – Highest Average in Physic 30
  • Science – Highest Average in Science 30

Note:  Where possible, combined marks (government and school) will be used  to determine student marks; for 2nd sem. Subjects, the most recent report card mark will be used.