G-TEC Policy Model

New Board Policies

The Board conducted a complete review of its policies in September 2019 to align with the implementation of the Education Act. Board policies are reviewed on a rotational basis throughout the year and updated as needed.

The Board uses the G-TEC Policy Model to ensure that their collective will is carried out within the parameters set in provincial legislation.

What is the G-TEC Policy Model?

'Governing Through Engagement and Collaboration'

The G-TEC policy model is designed to ensure that the board's corporate or collective will becomes reality and there is school division compliance with the letter and spirit of the new Education Act with its most recent amendments.

The key inter-related features of the model are:

  1. Clarity of Roles
  2. Accountability
  3. Assurance
  4. Engagement
  5. Collaboration

The Education Act provides corporate boards with a great deal of decision-making authority, and the ability to delegate much of that authority. One of the most fundamental purposes of a Board Policy Handbook is to clarify the authority the Board wishes to retain and the authority it wishes to delegate. In most instances, this delegation will be the Superintendent.