100 - General Administration

100 - General Administration

AP 100: Four-Year Education Plan

AP 101: Annual Education Results Report

AP 102: School Annual Education Plans and Reports

AP 104: School Reviews

AP 105: Decision Making at the School Level

AP 110: School Councils

Appendix 110A - ASCA Code of Ethics for School Council Members

AP 120: Policy and Procedure Dissemination

AP 121: Review of Administrative Procedures

AP 129: Aligned Calendar Days

AP 130: Differentiated School Year Calendar Approval Process

AP 132: Closure of Schools Due to Inclement Weather

AP 140: Responsible Use of Technology

AP 141: Portable Technology Security

AP 142: Technology Asset Management

AP 144: Mobile Devices (Employees)

AP 145: Use of Personal Communication Devices

AP 146: Use of Cloud-Based Applications and Data Storage Facilities

AP 147: Commercial Electronic Messages Anti-Spam

AP 150: Media Relations

AP 151: Crisis Communication Plan

AP 152: School Dispute Resolution

Appendix 152A - Communications Protocol

AP 153: Advertising and Distribution of Materials in Schools

AP 154: Political Electioneering

AP 155: Event Protocol

AP 156: Visit Protocol

AP 157: Flag Protocol

AP 160: Occupational Health and Safety

Appendix 160A - Health, Wellness and Safety Responsibilities

Form 160-1 - Student Injury Report

Form 160-2 - Employee First Aid Report

AP 161: Communicable Diseases

Appendix 161A - Prevention of Bloodborne Diseases

Appendix 161B - List of Communicable Diseases

AP 162: Smoke-Free Environment

Appendix 162A - Smudging Ceremonies

Appendix 162B - Smudging Notification Poster

AP 163: Alcohol on Division Premises

AP 164: Promoting Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Appendix 164A - Choose Lists

AP 165: Emergency Response Planning

Appendix 165A - Emergency Drill

AP 166: Pandemic Response

AP 167: Protocol for Schools Dealing with Threat and Risk Assessment

Form 167-1 - Threat Assessment Data Collection Form

Form 167-2 - Comprehensive TAT Risk Intervention and Recommendation Plan

AP 169: Defibrillators

AP 170: Discrimination and Harassment

AP 175: Safe & Caring Schools

AP 176: Supporting and Guiding Students in Inclusive Communities Gender Identity and Expression

AP 180: Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy

Appendix 180A - Protection of Personal Information and Privacy

AP 181: Video Surveillance on Facilities and Property

Form 181-1 - Video Recording Authorization to Access

AP 182: Video Surveillance on School Transportation Vehicles 

Form 182-1 - Transportation Video Surveillance Hard Drive Tracking and Video Footage Release Form

AP 185: Records Management

AP 190: Use of Copyright Materials

Appendix 190A - FAQ - Use of Copyright Materials