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Central Alberta Collegiate Institute will open doors to trades and post secondary for Wolf Creek students

Students looking to get a jump start on trades and post secondary education will have an exciting new pathway through a partnership between area school divisions and post secondaries. 

Wolf Creek Public Schools has begun sharing the news of the Central Alberta Collegiate Institute (CACI) throughout its division, which will revolutionize the educational landscape in central Alberta. The CACI is a collaborative initiative between Wolf Creek Public Schools  Chinook's Edge School Division, Red Deer Public Schools, Red Deer Catholic Schools, Olds College, and Red Deer Polytechnic and is set to create unprecedented opportunities for students. 

For Wolf Creek, this innovative model represents the natural evolution of the Division’s long-standing dual credit partnerships and reinforces a commitment to student success.

"We have always been a strong leader in dual credit programming and have created tremendous partnerships in that regard. The Central Alberta Collegiate Institute is a true testament to that power of collaboration,” said Tim De Ruyck, WCPS superintendent. “This partnership is not only an incredible opportunity for students throughout central Alberta but also holds immense potential for the students within Wolf Creek Public Schools."

The CACI will provide students with an enhanced educational pathway from high school to post-secondary education and employment. With a comprehensive curriculum tailored to meet the needs of students, this initiative will empower them to explore their passions and interests while gaining valuable skills and experiences.

De Ruyck highlighted the advantages this partnership brings for families planning for their high school students' future. 

"Families in Wolf Creek should be excited about the Central Alberta Collegiate Institute because it offers a seamless transition for our students,” he said. “By providing a bridge between high school and post-secondary education, this partnership will enable our students to earn college credits while still in high school, giving them a head start on their educational journey and a competitive edge in the job market."

The CACI provides a four year pathway. The pathways centers on high school and post secondary programming, industry support and student career advising and support. Students will focus on graduation course requirements and CTS skilled trades programming, skilled trades development and pre-employment certification, early work and apprenticeship placements and career advising through the school division and CAREERS, a career support and industry led non -profit group. 

"This innovative partnership represents an incredible opportunity for students in Wolf Creek Public Schools and students in the partnering divisions as well,” said De Ruyck. “The Central Alberta Collegiate Institute will not only broaden their educational horizons but also foster personal growth, resilience, and a lifelong love for learning. We are excited about the positive impact this initiative will have on our students and are committed to providing them with the best possible educational experiences."

The CACI was approved for grant funding from Alberta Education, and is expected to positively impact 44,000 grade 7-12 students in central Alberta. Programming is set to begin in September and continue to grow. 

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