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Katelin Fesyk Appointed Assistant Principal of Iron Ridge Elementary Campus

Wolf Creek Public Schools (WCPS) is pleased to announce Katelin Fesyk as the new Assistant Principal of Iron Ridge Elementary Campus (IREC). Fesyk has been a vital member of the IREC staff since 2013, contributing to the school's success in numerous capacities.

Before joining IREC, Fesyk served at Rimbey Jr/Sr High School and Eckville Elementary School. She has served as a teacher, physical education specialist, Indigenous Education and Reconciliation Lead Teacher, and acting administrator.

"Katelin's multifaceted experience at Iron Ridge Elementary School and her commitment to inclusive and innovative education practices make her the ideal choice for Assistant Principal," said Sonja Dykslag, Assistant Superintendent of People Services. "Her ongoing efforts in trauma-sensitive education and her leadership in various capacities have significantly enhanced the schools she has served, including IREC."

A graduate of the Aspiring Leaders program, Fesyk is looking forward to her new role. 

"I am thrilled to continue my educational journey at Iron Ridge Elementary Campus in this new capacity," said Katelin Fesyk. "I look forward to leveraging my experiences and studies to further contribute to the vibrant and supportive learning environment at IREC."

Fesyk joins Vicky Sahlin, who has been appointed as the new Principal of Iron Ridge Elementary Campus. 

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