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Letter to Blackfalds Parents: Social Media Concerns & IRIC Christmas Dance Cancellation

Dear WCPS Parents & Guardians of Blackfalds Schools, 

As you are aware, this week we were forced to cancel the annual Iron Ridge Intermediate Campus’ Family School Christmas Dance. Please know that this was not an easy decision, as we know the excitement students and families have for this event, and the value it carries in the school. But through events that unfolded throughout the week, the safety of students and staff at the event became uncertain, forcing us to make that ultimate decision. 

You may know that this week social media posts on a local Facebook forum called into question a lesson taught by an IRIC teacher. The Principal sought to address the concerns through open and constructive dialogue, but was unsuccessful. Unfortunately, the posts on the Facebook forum reached a level where it was necessary for the Blackfalds RCMP to be involved. The RCMP investigated, and issued a ticket under the School Act for disturbing or interrupting the proceedings of a school.

Let me assure you, we at the three Blackfalds Campuses and across Wolf Creek Public Schools, welcome open, honest and respectful conversations on all issues, including teaching practices and curriculum. We encourage parents to build relationships with us, so we can better create understanding between the school and the home.

We are committed to building digital citizenship in our students, and aiding parents in resources to develop that awareness and support their children in the proper use of technology and social media. To that end, we had previously scheduled a parent session with Jo(e) Social Media Inc., experts in social media use and that event will still go ahead. It is a tremendous resource for parents to learn more about engaging on social media, creating those constructive connections with your school, and understanding the pressures your children are under with the use of social media. The event is Tuesday, December 10, 2019 at 6:30 p.m. at Iron Ridge Intermediate Campus. I strongly encourage parents to attend this free event. 

Going forward, our three Blackfalds Campuses and Wolf Creek Public Schools remain committed to engaging in conversations in a respectful and constructive way. The best way to open those conversations is to simply ask. We at the school and division level will work with you for a positive solution, as together our primary goal is student success. We are also committed to providing parent resources around Alberta Education’s curriculum, including student learner outcomes, and making those readily available on our Division and school websites. Please look for those in the near future. 

We remain proud of the outstanding track record of our staff and students at our three Blackfalds Campuses in providing an excellent quality of education and safe and caring learning environments; these measures are directly gathered through parent and student feedback. 

I want to truly thank you for your understanding, and look forward to strengthening the relationships between our schools and you. 


Jayson Lovell
Wolf Creek Public Schools

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