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RCMP Hold and Secure Follow Up: Message to Parents

Dear Ponoka Secondary Campus Parents/Guardians:

As a further followup to the hold and secure communication sent out earlier today (February 28, 2020) regarding Ponoka Secondary Campus, and to our commitment to open and transparent communication, the RCMP has shared additional information regarding their investigation. 

The RCMP has shared the following information:


“On February 28, 2020 the Ponoka RCMP were notified of a video being posted to social media that was believed to involve some students from the Ponoka Secondary Campus. As a result of a prior RCMP investigation from last weekend involving the same subjects this video created significant tensions between certain people at the Ponoka Secondary Campus. Due to additional information obtained since the video was released, the Ponoka RCMP has entered into an active criminal investigation.

During this investigation a second video was brought to the RCMP's attention. This second video had created an outcry from the community due to the concerning comments made by the subjects in the video. Through Police investigation it was learned these two videos are not related and do not involve the same people. The second video does not appear to be from the Ponoka area. The Ponoka RCMP want to ensure parents of the Ponoka Secondary Campus, Police are handling the situation and are actively investigating the matter. Through investigation if there are any appropriate criminal charges, they will be pursued.

The social media fall out from this overall situation has been unfortunate and resulted in some people not involved in either investigation to become targets of harassment. Police are asking people to refrain from vigilante actions and remind that any comments made or actions taken that are criminal in nature will be investigated accordingly.”


Again, we want to sincerely thank you for your understanding regarding this matter. 

Jayson Lovell
Wolf Creek Public Schools

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