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WCPS assessing results and continue planning ahead

In its final year of the education plan, Wolf Creek Public Schools (WCPS) begins the task of evaluating its progress and setting a strategic course for the future. The release of the Annual Education Results Report (AERR) this past fall, dictated by the Alberta government’s Assurance Framework, offers a prime opportunity for such an assessment.

The AERR, grounded in five performance areas, showcases WCPS’ achievements, notably high stakeholder satisfaction rates averaging 90%. This impressive figure suggests strong community support but also prompts a deeper inquiry into the specific areas of success and those needing further attention. Feedback also shows that Wolf Creek has maintained a high level of parent involvement in its schools, access to supports and services, and providing welcoming, safe and caring learning environments. 

Superintendent Tim De Ruyck emphasizes the critical role of stakeholder feedback in shaping Wolf Creek’s continuous improvement. 

“This feedback loop, through the AERR and with our own stakeholder outreach and engagement has been instrumental in aligning the division’s initiatives with community expectations and educational standards,” said De Ruyck. 

A spotlight on the division's approach reveals a strategic emphasis on addressing diverse student needs and bolstering staff development. Noteworthy is the structured mentorship program for new teachers, aiming to enhance their integration and effectiveness. This initiative, alongside a rigorous evaluation process, underscores Wolf Creek’s commitment to professional excellence.

The division has also marked significant strides in fostering inclusive environments, with initiatives aimed at celebrating diversity and promoting well-being. The presence of GSA staff representatives and dedicated School Social Workers in every school illustrates a proactive stance towards creating supportive learning spaces for all students.

“Transparency and collaborative planning stand out as hallmarks of our strategy,” said De Ruyck. “The public accessibility of our Education Plan and AERR, coupled with the active contribution of each school to collective goals, highlights an open approach to educational leadership.”

As WCPS embarks on its next phase of stakeholder engagement, the focus sharpens on refining priorities and strategies to enhance student success. The Board of Trustees and senior leadership met throughout February in sessions with parents, students and staff to gather additional insight into planning for the next steps of the division. 

“This dialogue, essential for the division's responsiveness to its community, sets the stage for informed and dynamic educational planning,” said De Ruyck. “By leveraging stakeholder feedback, prioritizing inclusivity, and emphasizing professional development, the division is crafting an educational landscape where excellence and community engagement converge.”

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