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WCPS Board nominates Bluffton School teacher Ty Wagar for 2021 Edwin Parr Award

Bluffton — Wolf Creek Public Schools (WCPS) Board of Trustees nominated Bluffton School teacher Ty Wagar for the 2021 Edwin Parr Award. 

Wagar teaches grades 2-9 physical education, grade 7-9 math and junior high options, while he also serves as Bluffton School’s athletic director, coaches in his home community and volunteers to assist seniors with summer and winter yard maintenance.

“It has been a pleasure to have Mr. Wagar join the Bluffton staff, school and community. His enthusiasm, energy  and motivation for teaching is contagious amongst the staff and students.  He holds his students to a high standard in and out of the classroom,” said Terry Hoganson, principal. “Mr. Wagar did an outstanding job right from the start as he won the respect and forged strong relationships with his students and colleagues in a limited amount of time.”

While COVID-19 has impacted extracurricular options available, Mr. Wagar has found ways to be actively involved with students, largely from his belief and experience that teaching goes far beyond the walls of a classroom. In the fall while the restrictions allowed, Mr. Wagar spent countless hours running an after school volleyball program, participating in the school’s annual Terry Fox run, and is looking to run additional after school sports when restrictions permit.

“My first year of teaching at Bluffton School has been incredible and I am extremely grateful for the unwavering support from the Bluffton parent community, students, Mr. Hoganson, and all of the staff at our school and in Wolf Creek Public Schools,” said Wagar. “Teaching is the most rewarding experience and I look forward to the opportunity to help enrich the lives of my students every day. I have been fortunate enough to develop strong relationships in the school community, which has only helped to reassure my passion for teaching, and personal growth within all students.”

The Edwin Parr Award is annually given to one first-year teacher in each zone of ASBA, who has demonstrated excellence in teaching. Each school division nominates one candidate, and then a committee selects one of the candidates to receive the award for the zone. The Edwin Parr Award recipients are recognized at the ASBA Fall General Meeting.

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