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WCPS grateful for federal assistance to address COVID-19 needs

Ponoka — Wolf Creek Public Schools’ (WCPS) Board of Trustees expressed its gratitude for federal assistance to address COVID-19 related needs in schools throughout the Division. Wolf Creek’s portion is $2,566,550 of the $250 million for Alberta school divisions, and the Board allocated that portion at its Sept. 17 regular meeting. 

“We want to thank both levels of government for their support. The Alberta government’s timely distribution of the federal funding is greatly appreciated, and the federal government’s commitment to support school re-entry during the COVID-19 pandemic is of tremendous value, and we are truly grateful for the assistance,” said Pam Hansen, Board Chair, adding without the federal funding WCPS would had to have relied on its reserves, which can now be used to support other emerging needs arising in the fall budget.

“We knew as a Board there would be many challenges and increased costs to ensure a safe and healthy return to school. Our staff, from the school to the Division level, should be commended for the proactive approach they have taken in planning and procurement of materials to make sure schools were ready for the school year. These funds from the federal government help bolster those plans and supports.” 

Wolf Creek Public Schools is allocating the federal COVID-19 assistance funds based on the guidelines provided by the federal government. It will assist in covering increased staffing, facility alterations, adapting learning spaces, personal protective equipment (PPE), cleaning supplies, sanitization and increased custodial staff, online learning, and transportation.


Specific allocations include: 

Additional Learning Supports (Staff and Staff Replacement Costs):$1,114,100

Facility Alterations: $4,000

Adapting Learning Spaces: $51,100

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): $223,560

Cleaning Supplies and Sanitization: $5,000

Additional Cleaning and Custodial: $353,000   

Online Learning: $722,290

Transportation (Cleaning and Routing): $28,500

Additional Mental Health Support for Students: $65,000

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