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Wolf Creek Public Schools Celebrates Enriching Mentorship Through BGC Wolf Creek Partnership

During a recent presentation to the Wolf Creek Public Schools (WCPS) Board of Trustees, BGC Wolf Creek (formerly Boys and Girls Club) showcased the profound impact of their programs on local youth, with a special focus on their robust mentorship initiatives. Representatives, including administrators and students who participate in BGC programming, highlighted the organization’s mission to provide supportive environments for young people to develop essential life skills.

Operating across multiple locations within the boundaries of Wolf Creek Public Schools, BGC Wolf Creek offers a variety of programs tailored to each community's needs. In Ponoka, where the organization has its longest running programs, there are 16 initiatives ranging from physical fitness to tutoring, contributing to a total of 32,000 visits by 860 youths last year. Additionally, the organization provided over 25,000 meals across its sites.

"We don’t just want to run programs; we are keen to gather feedback from kids and parents to continually refine our offerings. 84 per cent of the youth say they are more excited to try new things because of our programs," said Beth Reitz, executive director of BGC Wolf Creek.

A cornerstone of BGC Wolf Creek’s success is its mentorship program, which fosters one-on-one relationships that have shown significant positive outcomes.

"Over 20 years, I have had four mentees. Starting with a mentee in Grade 3 who is now in Grade 8.” said Heather, a long-term mentor. “We've done various activities together, and it’s been a delight and joy. Mentoring is something I look forward to every week—it’s a nice break and something that truly enriches my life."

Mentees echoed the sentiment, highlighting the personal impact of these relationships. 

"It gives me a break through the week, away from friends and classes. Having Heather to look up to helps me through tough times. I know I can talk to her if I can’t talk to friends or family. She takes time for me and is always there," a mentee said.

The future looks bright for BGC Wolf Creek as they plan to expand their footprint and deepen their community impact. 

"Our relationship with Wolf Creek Public Schools is stronger than what I’ve seen elsewhere. We couldn’t serve all the kids without the support and spaces provided by the schools in Wolf Creek Public Schools," Reitz said.

WCPS Superintendent Tim De Ruyck expressed his support for the ongoing partnership. 

"When Beth invited me to see the facility, it was indeed bustling with activity,” said De Ruyck. “We discussed expansion, and I want to publicly acknowledge the schools that have accommodated these programs. It’s a win-win situation, and we truly appreciate the value of this partnership.”

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