Kelly Lowry

Ward D

Ph: (403) 302-0415

Photo of Kelly Lowry (Vice Chair)

Kelly Lowry is serving her second consecutive term as Trustee, but has served previously as a Wolf Creek Public Schools Trustee, first being elected in 1999 and at that time serving three terms. She is a wife and mother of five adult children and the grandmother of 10 grandchildren.  Lowry served on the Town of Lacombe Recreation and Culture Board for four years before first being elected to WCPS Board in 1999, and serving three terms. She values grassroots, collaborative decision making that reflects community needs and desires. 

Lowry is inspired by the passion and the wonderful things that happen in schools, because of the team at Wolf Creek. She believes that people who serve in the education field have large hearts and strong minds that allow them to be student-focused and do what is best for students.


École J.S. McCormick
École Lacombe Junior High
École Lacombe Upper Elementary
École Secondaire Lacombe Composite High
Lacombe Outreach
Terrace Ridge
Wolf Creek Academy
Bentley Colony School

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