Change in Status 2021/2022

Change in Status 2021/2022

To All Teachers of Wolf Creek Public Schools:

As we have reached the mid-point of our current school term, it is time to look ahead and initiate some preliminary planning for the 2021/2022 school year.  

If you are considering a change to your current employment status, please complete any of the following forms that apply to you. We have also included a few FAQ's below that will assist you with the process.

Intention to Retire

Request for Change in Full Time Equivalency (FTE)

Request for Deferred Salary Leave  

Request for Leave of Absence

Request to Transfer

Request for Teacher Exchange  

Request for Transition to Retirement



What are Change in Status Forms?

  • These are forms for teachers to complete who are requesting any of the following:
  • Request for an increase to FTE
  • Request for a decrease to FTE
  • Request for Leave of Absence (full or partial)
  • Retirement
  • Transition to Retirement
  • Transfer Request
  • Deferred Salary Request
  • Teacher Exchange Request

What is the due date for this year's Change of Status Forms?

  • Tuesday, March 26th, 2021.​

Which teachers should complete a Change of Status Forms?

  • All teachers, including administrators and teachers working at the division office.
  • Teachers on continuous, probationary, and interim contracts.
  • Teachers currently on leave.
  • Principals and Assistant-Principals

Who do I contact if I have questions about completing this year's Teacher Intent Form?

Jennifer Hansen (People Services, Executive Assistant)

403-783-5441 ext. 1240​


Thank you in advance for sharing your 2021/2022 intentions.  The information shared will help us immensely during the next few months as we plan for the upcoming school year